Air conditioner tips for electricity savings
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Air conditioner tips for electricity savings

Air conditioners have succeeded to be a very necessary device in your life, over the last summers (A many thanks to global warming!). But, apart from bringing comfort for us, these machines bring two more things with them, electricity bill and maintenance bill. As a result, the AC is not only lessening the hazardous heat of mid-summer, but also the weight of your moneybag. Then what to do? Stop using it, and bear the excessive heat? As that is not quite good solution, we need to discover some ways to reduce the cost. Here we present you some easy, simple but useful ways to save your hard-earned money and of course, electricity.
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Before you buy an air conditioner

  1. Select the placement wisely. That means, leave a convenient empty space near the spot, where an AC is going to be placed. This will enable the maintainers to take care of the air conditioner easily.

  2. If you intend to buy a split air AC, keep the outer unit in a shaded place. If possible, put it on the northern or eastern side as it will protect the AC from sun rays. Know more about Window AC vs Splt AC

  3. Try to buy energy efficient air conditioners, if possible. Nowadays, a lot of energy efficient air conditioners are there in the markets that help to consume less electric power.

  4. Copper is a better heat exchange than aluminium coils means copper coil can cool the room much faster, efficiently than aluminium coil. Overall, choosing copper coil instead of aluminium coil air conditioner saves electricity bill.

The tips concerning the maintenance

These tips are for those people who already own air conditioners and are irritated by the ACs:-
  1. Make sure that the room is being cleaned every day because dust causes serious harm to air conditioners.

  2. Take special care that the air conditioner is being switched off when no one is in the room. Teach your children or the office staff the same thing.

  3. Keep the panel of the air conditioner, through which cool airs are thrown into the room, clean and free from dust. This will ensure both of the durability and efficacy of the machine.

  4. Try to remove furniture, like chairs, sofas, showpieces away from the air conditioner. If there is any such thing, that will take in some cool blow.

  5. Electric devices like computers, televisions and lights generally emit heats. So naturally you should use them as less as possible where your air conditioner is kept.

  6. Switch off the lights in the room when they are not needed. By doing this, not only your electricity bill but also the temperature of the house/room will be reduced.

  7. An additional ceiling fan along with an air conditioner will make you feel more comfortable. It will lessen the pressure on the air conditioner, plus you can use the fan when the temperature is tolerable without the help of an air conditioner. On top of that, fans need less electric power than AC's. That will further save your money.

  8. Use Venetian blind or curtains to evade the direct sunlight. This will warm your room less in summer.

  9. Check the air conditioner at regular intervals to retain its efficacy and to be assured of its flawlessness. And check it by only the expert mechanics provided by the showroom.

  10. Try not to set temperature below 22 degrees of centigrade. This is good both for your health and moneybag.

  11. Basement is generally a cool place. If you have a basement compartment at your place, spend a couple of hours by the day time and thus save a few hours of air conditioner usage.

  12. If the temperance is bearable, then keep the air conditioner off. Instead, open all the windows, doors and use the fans.

  13. There is always cooler atmosphere by the late night. You do not need air conditioner at those hours, so put it off before you go to sleep.

  14. Seal all the ways like the empty place below the door or window panes to stop the cool blows from going out of the room.

  15. Take care of the refrigerant regularly. Change or recycle it if required.

  16. If your air conditioner has grown old and been giving you troubles, then you better replace it by a new one. Two ends will be gained by this

    • It will cut down your electricity bill. Old electronic goods absorb more power.

    • You can pocket the service charges you had to pay every time your old air conditioner groaned. And trust me; it will cost you less to buy a new air conditioner than to repair the old piece.

Now these were the short tips to electricity savings. Hope these will help to reduce electricity wastage through air conditioners and also the subsequent bills. Apart from that, the less we use heat radiating devices, the less will increase the global temperature. So let's try these steps to protect the natural environment.

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