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Air Cooler side effects

We all know how helpful the air coolers are. Even though their vast usage air coolers still have some disadvantages too. In this article, we explore the possible air coolers side effects and how to protect yourself from it. Try our Air Cooler selector to choose right air cooler by answering simple questions without reading any buying guide.

Air coolers are totally depends on the climate conditions. Air coolers converts water to vapour. The water vapour adds to air and cool down the air. The humid areas have high water already in the air. So when you run air cooler in high humid areas, there is no place for extra humid to air, making the air cooler functioning in effective. In short, air coolers do not work well in high humid areas. The coastal areas have high humidity, making it not effective in high humid areas.

Air coolers are very noisy. Air coolers have two components. One, the fan or blower to circulate the air. Another one is the water motor, to circulate water. Both the fan and water motor creates so much noise.To overcome the noise, you can place the air cooler outside the window. Know more about how air cooler and fan differs.

Air cooler requires continuous maintenance. You need to clean the air cooler on the regular basis. Apart from that you need to fill the water in the tank. These are daily tasks making it more difficult to manage. If there is water shortage in the city then air cooler management will become quite difficult. You need to fill water regularly in the air cooler.

During the runtime of air cooler, water evaporates and increase the humidity in the air. Increase in the humidity is much favorable conditions to increase bacteria, viruses, mold in the water. Because of this reason Asthma patients should be very careful about the usage of air cooler. If the air cooler usage triggers asthma attack it is better not to use the air cooler.

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