Differences between epilator and trimmer and shaver
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What's the difference between epilator and trimmer and shaver

Nowadays there are many options for hair removal. Well, all these three electric devices - epilator, trimmer, and shaver are used for hair removal. All three are of different features and uses a different mechanism. Basically, the epilator plucks the hair from the skin whereas the trimmer and electric shaver just cut the hair from the skin. Try our epilator selector to choose right epilator by answering simple questions without reading any buying guide.

Firstly, we will discuss the trimmer and shaver functionality. Trimmer is meant to trim the hair, most of the trimmers cut the hair at 0.5 mm accuracy. In other words, trimmer just cut the hair from your skin level. Trimmers are of different types- you will find different trimmer models meant for different parts of the body. For example- hair trimmer, bikini trimmer, eyebrow trimmer, nose trimmer, and beard trimmer. Trimmer consists of a couple of sharpened blades that move in a linear motion on the power supply. When these two blades rub against each other it cuts the hair stuck within it. The blade size and shape depend on the trimmer model.

trimmer for women

Basically, the trimmer gives you hairless skin for a short period of time. When you use a trimmer for the skin, the hair grows back more rapidly and also more thick and coarse than the hair you have before. Most women use bikini trimmers for their bodies. As hair grows back very soon, you need to trim it repeatedly, mostly for every week and this will definitely affect your skin. Overall, your skin gets rough and damaged using trimmer repeatedly.

Now moving to the Electric shaver, this is another similar electric device used for hair removal. Unlike trimmer, shaver uses spinning blades which gives you clean and smooth skin. Shaver is of two types- foil shaver and rotary shaver. Mostly shaver models available for women are a foil shaver.

foil versus rotary shaver for women

Looking into the differences of foil shaver and rotary shaver - foil shaver is designed with metallic sharpened blades covered with a very thin cylindrical perforated foil sheet. When the shaver is placed on skin level the hair gets lifted into the tiny holes of the foil and the oscillating inner blades behind it cut the hair very cleanly. The foil sheet is a generally detachable one so that you can remove it and clean it.

Whereas, the rotary shaver design consists of mostly three spinning heads in a triangular shape. Some models have only one and some have more than 3 heads. Unlike foil shaver, a rotary shaver has spinning discs covered with metallic caps. Rotary shaver works in circular motion such that forming contours on the face and neck which gives you easy clean-shaven skin.

epilator for women

Finally, the most effective and best hair removal device, Epilator- the working mechanism of the epilator is completely different from the above two devices. Unlike trimmer and shaver, the epilator removes hair from the roots of the skin. Epilator gives you long-lasting i.e., for 4-5 weeks clean and smooth. The hair growth is reduced after epilating and is very thin than hair before you have.

Epilator consists of small metallic tweezers which pluck the hair out of the skin. Generally, epilator comes with different attachments such that, they can be flexible with different body parts. Epilator is the best hair removal device for women who want clean and smooth hairless skin for a long period. And also epilating is less expensive and less time-consuming technique.

Epilator Electric trimmer Electric shaver
Removes the hair from the root Yes No No
Hairless skin for long duration Yes No No
Suitable for sensitive skin Yes No No
Leaves skin pokey No Yes Yes
Makes the skin harsh No Yes Yes
Painfull Yes No No
Time-consuming Yes No No
Available in wet and dry models Yes Yes Yes
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Conclusion: Epilators are more effective, gives you smooth hairless skin for a longer period of time. Unlike trimmer and shaver, the regrowth of the hair is very thin and small. Unlike waxing, epilator does not damage your skin cells. This process is a little painful but the results are more effective and you do not need to repeat it for every week. So the pain can be negotiable. More importantly, it does not give you rashes or bumps. The best epilator may cost you a little extra but this one time investment can help you to get a good healthy and clear skin.

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