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The epilator buying guide, India

There are many hair removal devices and techniques available. It’s your personal choice of what technique you choose and make yourself comfortable. Being a woman, explored all the hair removal techniques. Starting from using a razor, electric shaver, different hair removal creams, strips, waxing and epilating. Now I choose the epilating technique because it is less expensive, less painful than waxing, slow hair growth, flexibility and bumps free skin. Try our epilator selector to choose right epilator by answering simple questions without reading any buying guide.

What is an epilator? Types of Epilators and their working mechanism

Epilator is a small electric hair removal device. This handheld device is used to remove the hair from the follicle of the skin and gives you long-lasting smooth hairless skin. Epilator can be used on your face, arms, legs and other private parts of the body. In many of the epilators, there is a special pivot head which will work best for sensitive body parts like underarms and bikini area.

Types of Epilators

Epilators are of 3 types
  • Spring type
  • Rotating disc type
  • Tweezer type

Spring type

Spring type epilators are the very first basic model epilators with a spring mechanism. Again there are two types of spring epilators, manual and electric spring epilators. The manual spring epilator is known as an epilator stick, which means a tight smooth steel coil as shown in the below image. On twisting the coil on the skin, the gaps formed in the coil will pluck the hair out of the follicle of skin.

The epilator stick is best for facial hair as it is a completely natural way of removing hair. As facial hair is very less and thin when compared to other parts of the body. So I feel the epilator stick is the best epilator for the face. The tiny facial hairs can easily be plucked by the epilator stick.

Epilator stick for facial hair

Now coming to the electric spring epilator, the mechanism is the same as the epilator stick. Unlike the epilator stick, the spring coil in the electric spring epilator runs on power or battery. The motor in the epilator makes twisting movements such that the hair gets caught in the spring and comes out of the skin. Electric spring epilators are very compact and are available in many varieties. Epilady was the first company to introduce the electric epilators and they had 3 models of electric spring epilators.

  • Epilady classic epilator: it is a corded epilator, dry use only and has the only one-speed capability but effective.
  • Epilady classic trio epilator: corded epilator, dry use only and has the three-speed capability.
  • Epilady esthetic epilator: runs on two alkaline AA batteries, dry use only, portable and best for facial hair.

Rotating Disc Epilators

The spring epilators introduced by the Epilady were of low durability. Considering this thing Remington company introduced rotating or spinning disc epilators with more durability and efficiency. The only difference between spring epilator and rotating disc epilator is instead of spring or coil the rotating disc epilators used rubber discs on the epilator head. Such that the movements of the discs grabs the hair and pulls it off the skin. Later the rubber disc was replaced by metallic discs covered with protective plastic casing. The rotating disc epilator introduced by Remington was more effective and durable.

Rotating Disc Epilator

Tweezer Type Epilators

Tweezer type epilators are the modern and advanced epilators with the tweezing mechanism. Unlike the metallic discs in rotating disc epilators here in tweezer type epilators, tiny metallic plates are used which acts like tweezers. Tweezer type epilators are of many models. The efficiency of the epilator depends on the number of tweezers present in the epilator. More the number of tweezers more efficient is the epilator.

The basic or first tweezer model epilator was introduced with 3 tweezers. However, the epilators were introduced with the different number of tweezers which were later increased according to the efficiency. Now, we have advanced epilators like the Emjoi AP-18 Emagine model with 72 tweezers.

Tweezer Type Epilator

Epilating Waxing Shaving (electric)
How long does hairfree skin? 5- 6 weeks 3-4 weeks Less than 1 week
Damages the skin No Yes, blemishes and rashes Yes, makes skin harsh
Time-consuming Depends on the epilator speed Yes No
Painful Less painful More painful No Pain
Need particular hair growth? No growth is needed Need 1/4th-inch hair growth No growth is needed
Price Expensive inexpensive inexpensive
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What features are to be looked before buying an Epilator?

As discussed in the article above there are many types of epilators available. It is completely your choice to choose the best suitable one for yourself. However, the tweezer type epilators are today's generation epilators. The electric spring epilators and rotating disc epilators are rarely available in India. So here, we will be discussing the features of tweezer type epilators mainly.

Number of tweezers

The more the number of tweezers in the epilator more efficient it is. Basically, a tweezer type Epilator can have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 72 tweezers. Emjoi AP-9T model with 3 tweezers and Emjoi AP-18 Emagine model with 72 tweezers. The more the number of tweezers in an epilator more expensive it is. The number of tweezers is important because of more tweezers in an epilator more efficient it is. And also will cover more skin area and consumes very less time when compared to less numbered tweezer epilator. Less numbered tweezer epilators can be used for facial hair.

Speed setting levels

Speed setting, another important feature to be looked before buying an epilator. The skin of different body parts need different speed levels, for example- the thighs and arm's skin is stiff and broad such that you need high speed for fast epilating whereas underarms and bikini area need low speed. However, there are many modern epilator models available with three different speed setting levels.


Attachments play an important role while epilating. Basically, epilators come with an attachment called ‘epilator cap’ which helps in reducing the pain while epilating. Along with this cap, there are other attachments like shaver head, a foot massager, tweezer head, tweezer with a narrow head, facial caps, trimmer head, pedicure buffer, massage rollers and sometimes charging stands.

Dry or wet

Tweezer type epilators are of two types - Dry epilator and wet epilator. Dry epilators can be used only on dry skin whereas wet epilators can be used on both dry and wet skin. Wet epilators can be used under shower or bathtubs. Wet epilators are best suitable for sensitive skin and are more expensive than dry epilators. Using the epilator under the water makes epilating easy as it opens the pores. Wet epilator reduces pain, rashes, redness or bumps on the skin.

Corded or cordless

Generally, wet epilators are cordless and battery operated as they are used under the water. Whereas dry epilators can be corded or cordless. There are also rechargeable epilators in both wet and dry epilators.

The advantage of cordless epilator is, this epilator can be moved all over the body freely. The corded epilators cannot be moved freely and are not flexible to use at other different places. So before you buy an epilator make sure it is not corded. If it is battery operated then please check it’s battery capacity such that you can complete the epilating at a particular time.

Built-in light

Built inlight is an extra and useful feature provided in many of the epilators. This light helps you in finding the small tiny hairs to be removed from your skin while epilating.


Noise is another feature that should be looked at before you choose an epilator. Some epilators make noise and this noise cannot be tolerable for 20 to 30 minutes. So you better concentrate on this feature before you buy any epilator.

Why choose epilation on waxing and shaving?

Now moving on to the point, why to choose the painful epilating technique on waxing and shaving. Although epilating is a bit painful, I still vote for it. Epilating is an earlier technique that started in the mid-’80s. Epilating and waxing are similar, both removes the hair from the skin. Epilating removes the hair from the roots whereas waxing removes the hair from its root along with the cells of the epithelial tissue.

Differences of epilating, waxing and shaving

Waxing and epilating both give you hair-free skin but waxing lasts for about 6 weeks whereas epilating lasts for 3- 4 weeks only. Although epilating lasts for less period of time when compared with waxing but it is safe, less painful and easy to use. Waxing has many side effects when compared with epilating. Waxing is more painful and leaves blemishes, bumps and sometimes wax scars too. The chemicals in the waxes and the hot wax both damages your skin. In other words, waxing damages your skin and its tissue cells. Epilating is a natural way of hair removal, a little bit painful but it is safe and does not leave any bumps or scars.

Now coming to another easiest hair removal technique, shaving. Shaving is completely different from the waxing and epilating techniques. Where waxing and epilating is about removing the hair from the roots shaving is to cut the hair from the skin level. This method of hair removal is a time saver and not even painful. The shaving technique gives you only for 3-4 days, later the hair grows more quickly.

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