What precautions are needed for painless epilation
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What precautions are needed for painless epilation

Epilators are the best hair removal devices. As the tweezers in the epilator pluck multiple hairs simultaneously out of the skin from its roots will be definitely painful. But still, I consider the pain is worthy of the results it gives. Try our epilator selector to choose right epilator by answering simple questions without reading any buying guide.

Epilators may be a little bit painful but unlike other hair removal devices, epilating does not damage your skin. For example- waxing also gives you long durable hairless skin but it removes your hair from the hair follicles. This will damage your skin cells. And the hot and harsh chemical wax will not only burns your skin but also causes bumps, rashes and wax scars.

Although, waxing is also painful like epilating, many of them choose to wax. Some women feel waxing is less painful than epilating. Some women say it depends on the thickness and growth of your hair. Yes, but epilating for more than 2 or 3 times will reduce your pain. The hair growth after epilating is low in growth and also the hair is very thin and tiny than the hair you had before. However, following some precautions may reduce your epilation pain and also your fear of using an epilator. Here are a few precautions which may help you while epilating.

  • Take a shower with lukewarm water: Lukewarm water opens your skin pores such that while epilating the hair easily comes out of its root. Or if you have a dry/wet epilator, better to epilate underwater and this will reduce your pain.

  • Use the epilator cap: Most of the epilator brands provide an epilator cap along with the device. This cap is meant to avoid the contact of the sensitive skin and tweezer. However, this will help you to reduce the epilating pain.

  • Cleanse and exfoliate the skin: Before you start epilating it is better to clean your skin. Such that the skin pores which get opened while epilating does not get clogged and cause ingrow of hair.

  • Proper maintenance of the device: The epilator you use should be cleaned properly. Most of the epilators can be cleaned easily by removing their attachments.

  • Cover the skin tags and hanging moles: Before starting the epilating process check your body for skin tags or any hanging moles. If you have any then cover it with tape such that it will not hurt while epilating that area.

  • Start epilating at tight skin parts: Epilating on tight parts of the skin like thighs or legs will make epilating easy and painless. Its better to taut your skin for better results.

  • Grease the skin: If you don't have a wet epilator, applying a small amount of oil or any other cold cream, will help the epilator to grasp the hair easily.

  • Moisture the skin after epilating: After epilating, apply moisturizer on the skin. This will give you smooth and soft skin. It also hydrates your skin.

  • Start with tiny and short hair: Start your epilating experience when you have short and less amount of hair.

  • Avoid tight clothes: After epilating don't wear tight garments. Let the skin get hydrated. If you feel more pain then massage with ice or wash with cold water.

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