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What is 3 way suction chimney? How it Works?

Generally, in regular chimneys, the fumes start to rise in upward directions and reach the chimney inlet and are been sucked by the motor and filters within the chimney. Whereas the leftover fumes or smoke, which moves out of the chimney hood are settled on the kitchen walls or ceiling. You can use our kitchen chimney selector to know right kitchen chimney suitable according to your kitchen needs without reading buying guide.

The basic purpose of 3 way suction chimney is to cover the leftover smoke by providing multiple suction inlets on the chimney hood in different angles such that the fumes on different directions can be sucked properly. And also there are lesser chances of fumes getting settled on the kitchen walls and ceiling.

In the above picture, there is a clear overview of suction inlets, vents on the chimney structure, one on the right side another on the left side and the main inlet on the center of the chimney. Sometimes there is one more inlet on above the main inlet, this feature is called as 4 way suction chimney.

Advantages of 3 way suction chimney

  • Of course, 3 way suction had an improved suction power than a normal chimney. Such that there are less chance of smoke getting settled on your kitchen walls.
  • 3 way suction chimney has lesser pressure inside the hood as there are multiple inlets for the motor. Such that the noise gets lower.
  • The 3 way suction chimney has a balanced suction. If in case the main suction inlet gets blocked the other side inlet vents presents on the hood can suck the smoke very easily.

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