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Kitchen chimney plays a vital role to keep the kitchen clean and oil, smoke-free. Elica India is world number one kitchen chimney brand. Elica India provides a wide range of Kitchen Chimneys of stainless steel, glass and crystal. Elica India is famous for unique chimney designs. Elica chimneys ensure your kitchen is clean by eliminating unpleasant odor with user-friendly, energy saving, unique designs. You can read our Kitchen chimney buying guide to get the more details about kitchen chimney.

Elica chimney designs

Elica India manufacturing chimneys with a unique design for different kitchen requirements.Elica manufacturing 4 different types of kitchen chimneys as follows

  • Wall mounted kitchen chimney
  • Integrated kitchen chimney
  • Island kitchen chimney

Please refer our article different types of Chimneys to get complete knowledge about kitchen chimney designs. As India cooking habits are mostly related with high spice and oil, Elica India provides most of its models with baffle filter which quite efficient to remove smoke, odor and grease particles. Baffle filter is made up of stainless steel with multiple curves through which cooking fumes moves, in this process steel curved panels retain oil, grease in it. Please read more elaborated information about baffle filter on our article types of chimney filters. For the customer who don't have the ducting facility, Elica India provides chimney with recycling air feature.

Elica Aqua Plus chimney

Elica chimney aqua series kitchen chimney is one of the best and cheap kitchen chimney. This aqua series Elica chimney price approximately from Rs.7,000 to 8,500. It is one the best available chimney online.

Elica aqua plus chimney

Elica chimney aqua series has two models with slight variants. One is Aqua plus 60 LTW and another one is Aqua plus 60 C/F. Both are wall mounted types kitchen chimney. These two model of kitchen chimney varies slightly but cost varies up to one thousand rupees. Elica chimney Aqua plus series makes your kitchen not only clean and smoke free but also decor to your modular kitchen. This Elica chimneys comes lot of benefits that makes you love from kitchen.

Size 60cm
Chimney suction power 760 m3/hr
Chimney filter Baffle
Chimney lamps Incandescent
Chimney version Ducting
Material Stainless steel
Color Silver
Control Push buttons with speed control
Power consumption 250W
Dimensions (LxWxH) 65 x 60 x 40

Aqua series Elica chimney provides greater flexibility by baffle filter chimney, easy to clean. Even by using baffle filter user not to bother about a frequent wash. With baffle filter no need to think a lot about how to clean chimney filter. Cleaning kitchen chimney baffle filter is quite easy compared to cassette filter. Baffle filter is made up of stainless steel user can easy wash with hot water and detergent. Cleaning chimney baffle filter is once a month is more than enough.

Aqua series elica chimney is of 60 cm which is best suitable for 50 cm hob. 760m3/hr chimney suction power is enough for small size kitchen. Higher the suction power of the chimney is better one but at the same time higher suction power makes more noise in kitchen, looses kitchen ambiance. Push buttons allows to increase or decrease motor suction power. Stainless steel finish body makes chimney free from corrosion and makes it easy to clean. Aqua series Elica chimneys are available on online with easy and free installation at your doorstep.

Elica Glace LTW 60 Power IC Slim

Elica Glace LTW 60 is wall mounted type chimney. This kitchen chimneys has 925 m3/hr suction power for efficiently remove smoke. This elica chimney makes less noise so that you can enjoy cooking and make delicious food. Stainless steel baffle filter effectively catch the smoke, grease particles and very easy to clean, even clean once a month is more than enough. Elica chimneys widely available online. This model elica chimney approximately costs around Rs.15,000.

Elica Chimney price

Elica chimneys widely available online. you can purchase from Amazon or Snapdeal. A variety of model available online at cheaper prices. Elica kitchen chimney prices start from Rs.6500 with basic chimney features such as baffle filter, 500m3/hr suction power and 60cm of size. Here I am furnishing some of elica chimney basic model.

  • Elica 500cm3/sec 60cm Missy Chimney, price approximately Rs.6500
  • Elica 60cm 500 MISSY PB Hood Chimney, price approximately Rs.7500

Elica Chimney Model Name Suction capacity Filter type Approx price*
Elica Kitchenhood - TCG BF 60 NERO 1100 m3/hr Baffle Rs. 12,000
Elica trim LTW 60 TC 3V power plus led 1100 m3/hr Baffle Rs. 15,500
Elica Kitchen Chimney - KEN 60 PB BF Power Plus 1100 m3/hr Baffle Rs. 8,500
Elica turboair curve 60cm 1000 suction 1000 m3/hr Baffle / Cassette Rs. 16,000
Elica TurboAir VEGA BF60 Suction 750 m3/hr Baffle Rs. 6,200
Elica Glace Ltw 60 Power Plus Ic Slim 1150 m3/hr Baffle Rs. 12,500
Elica Kitty 60 Bk Tc3V Turbo Led Kitchen Hood 1290 m3/hr Cassette Rs. 22,500
Elica trim LTW 90 slim TC3V power plus led 1150 m3/hr Baffle Rs. 12,500
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Elica India warranty policy

Elica provides two type warranty policies depending on the model of elica chimney you purchase. One policy provides lifetime warranty nothing but warranty upto 15 years from date of purchase. all chimney electronic parts such as chimney rotor, suction motor, chimney filters are covered under warranty excluding electric bulbs. Another warranty policy is one year warranty on chimney and 5 years warranty on motor. Please refer Elica India offical website for waranty policy information

Elica chimney maintenance service at your home

Elica India provides contract service to the chimney at your home. For service, Elica charges Rs.1500 for a year. Service technicians visit 3 times in the year after every four months. This service offers cleaning of metal grease diffuser and outer body. Please read our articles on other brands such as Faber and Sunflame

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