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Kitchen chimney without duct

Here, we are furnishing some tips that are required while buying kitchen chimneys such as ducted/extractor or ductless/recirculating is suitable for your kitchen infrastructure.
We hope below buying tips will help you in selecting right kitchen chimney. In fact, you can use our kitchen chimney selector as well to choose the right kitchen chimney oven.

How kitchen chimney without duct works

Kitchen chimneys are made for exhaust smoke, odor from your kitchen to outside. Exhaust these smoke outside always recommended but it may not always possible because no flexibility, limited space in the kitchen. In such cases go for the recycling version kitchen chimney. This type of kitchen chimneys uses a carbon filter (charcoal filter) along with the baffle filter or cassette filter. The carbon filter is great at sucking bad smell from smoke. These carbon filter are effective removes the bad cooking smell, oil, grease particles. Overall, ducting is not compulsory, but it is advisable for the efficient suction power of chimney.

Chimeny with duct Chimney without duct
How it works Expel, exhaust smoke air outside the home Filters the smoke air and release back into kitchen
Filter used Cassette or baffle filter only Carbon(charcoal) filter along with the cassette or baffle filter
Suction power High Low
Maintenance Easy, just need to wash filter Cumbersome, wash filters as well as need to replace carbon/charcoal filter regularly
Efficiency Higher,
Heat, smoke, oil particles are exhaust out
It does not removes heat from kitchen
Cost Inexpensive Expensive
Example Elica Chimney (WDFL 606 HAC MS NERO) Faber Kitchen Chimney(Hood Tratto TC BK LTW 60)

duct and dctless chimney

When to replace carbon filter

Carbon filter removes smoke, odor by absorption in it. Carbon filter absorption power is limited. Carbon filter adds overhead of maintenance. Carbon filters not washable therefore you have to replace frequently. The frequency of replacing the carbon filter depends on cooking frequency, cooking habits, what you cook and depends on the usage. It is advisable to replace carbon filter once in a 2 - 3 months depending on the usage. You can decorate the kitchen with aesthetically pleasing hobs as well. You can read the Kitchen chimney buying guide to get the more details about kitchen chimney.

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