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What is EDS in chimney? What its advantages?

EDS stands for Elica Deep Silence. EDS is patented technology by Elica, well known chimney manufacturer. Elica Deep Silence chimneys are designed with the new innovations like EDS technology and 360° tornadic suction. Basically, these two technologies makes the elica chimneys more efficient and powerful. You can use our kitchen chimney selector to know right kitchen chimney suitable according to your kitchen needs without reading buying guide.

EDS Technology - Elica Seep Silence chimneys are integrated with an Elica patented filter design which eliminates the noise and chaos of air. Thus the noise level of these chimneys are been reduced upto 30% without compromising the performance. Elica deep silence chimneys provides you a pleasant cooking atmosphere in your kitchen.

chimney tornadic suction Chimney Tornadic Suction

eds technology EDS technology

The other feature 360° Tornadic Suction - These chimneys has round baffle filter mesh for easy maintenance. The baffle filter rotates at 360° angle with air flow capacity of 1010 m3/hr

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