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Mattresses buying guide, how to select the best mattress

Right mattress is a very much essential for right sleep. The wrong type of mattress can ruin your sleep, your partner sleep, may induce back pain and body aches and can easily ruin your day. In this article we explore the how to select the best mattress based on your preferences. In fact, you can use mattress selection tool as well to choose the right mattress easily, be productive, stay smart.

Mattresses sizes in india

As the title suggest, the sizes are little different in India. We are presenting the most recent size chart in a tabular manner for quick and easy understanding. Finally, make sure the size of the mattress is in sync with the size of your cot or bed.

Mattress size Features
Single size mattress
  • Size range: (72 * 36) to (75 * 36) inches
  • Spacious for child
  • Cramped for adult
Double size mattress
  • Size range: (72 * 48) to (75 * 60) inches
  • Spacious for adult
  • Cramped for two adults
Queen size mattress
  • Size range: (72 * 60) to (78 * 60) inches
  • Spacious for couple
  • Cramped for couple and child
King size mattress
  • Size range: (72 * 72) to (78 * 72) inches
  • Spacious for couple and child

Mattresses types

Basically there are four types of mattress are available in India.

  • Coir mattress
  • Spring mattress
  • Foam mattress
  • Memory foam mattress

Coir mattress

Coir mattress is pure Indian innovation and available in India only. As the name suggest coir mattress is made of Coconut coir and very much ecofriendly. Coir mattress are economical but very firm.

Spring mattress

Spring mattress is made of springs and small coils stuffed under and have a nice cushion wrapper. Because of springs, naturally it is of much bouncy nature. The problem with excessive bouncy nature is ‘motion transfer’. When your partner moves in sleep the mattress transfer the motions to other places and will disturb your sleep too. Nowadays, many brands started adding foam upper layer for better comfort. Spring mattresses are also known as coir mattresses.

Foam mattress

As the name suggest, the foam mattress is filled by foam with multiple layers. Currently foam mattress are the most popular in India.

Memory foam mattress

This is the new innovation in mattress. Memory foam has open cells structure. Once you press the memory foam mattress it will retain the pressure, remembers it and even when you come out of the bed it will take some time to regain the normal structure. As it remembers the pressure points, hence the name “memory foam”.

Apart from that there are latex mattress and Rebonded Foam mattresses. In the next section we will explain why they were omitted.

In the below table, we list out the all set the set of pros and cons of each mattress.

Mattress type Pros and cons
Coir mattress
  • Base support is firm
  • Cause discomfort and pain.
  • Worse if you have stiffness or back pain
  • Short term durability
  • No motion transfer: When your partner moves, it will not disturb your sleep
  • Economical
Spring mattress
  • Bouncy nature
  • Medium comfort for back pain
  • Medium durability
  • Motion transfer: When your partner moves, it may disturb your sleep
  • Medium pricing
Foam mattress
  • Good for back pain
  • Long term durability
  • No motion transfer: When your partner moves, it will not disturb your sleep
  • Expensive pricing
Memory foam mattress
  • Best for back pain
  • Long term durability
  • No motion transfer: When your partner moves, it will not disturb your sleep
  • Super Expensive pricing
  • Can be inflammable and can have toxic emissions
  • Can be dangerous for children

Overwhelmed with the information presented. The above information presented in a short and crisp manner. If you are still confused on the selection we are presenting you with a simple table on the basis of mattress features. We hope below table will guide you on the right type of mattress selection.

Mattress feature Coir Spring Foam Memory foam
Backpain comfort Yes Yes Yes
Durability Yes Yes Yes
No motion transfer Yes Yes Yes
Safe and Healthy Yes Yes Yes
Pricing Low Medium High Very high

Strictly avoid memory foam mattresses

Yes, you heard it right. Memory foam mattresses are best for back pain and body aches. But they can be potentially dangerous and harmful. They can be inflammable, not child safe and releases toxic emissions. Read more at Wikipedia. To ensure the mattress safety, buy only CertiPUR-US certified mattress. Unfortunately, CertiPUR-US® certified mattresses are not available in India. If you are keen on memory foam mattresses due to back pain, and willing to buy only memory foam mattresses, the best option is to buy from Amazon USA. All the memory foam mattresses in Amazon USA are CertiPur-US, and surprisingly they are in fact cheaper. The only thing to make is to look for shipping and return policy as it is different country.

Strictly avoid coir mattresses if you have back pain

Due to the nature of coconut coir, coir mattresses are very hard and rigid. Rigid and hard surface mattresses aggravates the body pains and makes the back pain even worse. So we strictly suggest not to go for coir mattresses if you have back pain. Coir mattresses are economical, this is the main reason for people choosing coir mattresses. But considering the cost and agony of back pain it is worth to avoid the coir mattresses.

Better to avoid latex mattresses

It is better to avoid latex mattresses on multiple reasons. Latex mattresses are most expensive of all the mattresses. The advantage you get is long term durability. Latex mattresses can easily withstand up to 10 years. For example, particular size, and same thickness foam mattresses costs around Rs. 25,000, whereas latex mattresses costs you around Rs. 70,000. Apart from that latex can be obtained by naturally from trees or can be artificially created. Natural latex means safe and emissions free. All the latex mattresses product description do not mention about this and neither proper certification is available. So based on price and absence of latex quality indicators, we do not recommend the latex mattresses.

Best mattresses for back pain in India

This is the most frequent question asked to us. How to choose the best mattresses for back pain. There was a research carried out on mattress relation to the back pain. The outcome is “medium-firm support” mattresses are best for back pain relief. Please see core of the mattress is responsible for support. The upper cushion layers are reason for comfort and not for ‘support’. The medium firm support directly eliminate coir mattresses. This fact leave us with only two types of mattresses, spring and foam mattresses. Look for the Orthopedic feature in the product description. Many brands started tagging with this Orthopedic feature. But there is no guarantee or independent certification for that. So choose Orthopedic feature mattress only if there is not much a price difference.

In conclusion, look for medium-firm support spring and foam mattresses. Consider Orthopedic feature only if it does not cost much.

Mattresses based on sleeping position

Based on sleeping position mattress comfort changes. Below are the simple suggestions choosing the mattress surface based on sleeping position.

Side or back position

Side and back sleepers tend to want a softer sleeping surface. This allows for their shoulders and hips to receive extra cushioning and will help avoid painful pressure points in those areas.

Stomach position

Stomach sleepers often desire a slightly firmer sleeping surface so that they can keep their spine in proper alignment and prevent their back from bowing in too much.

Mattresses for guest bedroom

  • Choose double size or Queen size mattress size for guest bedroom. But make sure it matches your cot size.
  • As you won’t use the mattress regularly, no need to spend high amount. So it is good to avoid Foam mattresses. You can choose either coir mattress or spring mattress. Coir comes very much cheaper but considering long term durability spring mattress are better.

Eagle eye inspection on Warranty

  • The good mattress should have warranty of 5 - 10 years. Longer warranty means better products, so go for longer duration warranty mattress. Please read carefully the details about warranty and Refunds & Replacement policy.
  • Many brands give warranty only on manufacturing defects only. If it damages due to usage mostly warranty won’t cover.
  • There are terms on warranty like if you do not use waterproof cover protector and got stained then your warranty won’t be applicable. So we suggest read carefully the title.
  • For online purchase. be clear on returns and refund policy. Choose the right seller based on rating. On many online mattresses it is clearly written as “No warranty is applicable on this product”.

Best mattress list

Best mattresses brands

Here is the list of reputed mattress brands. Kurlon, Godrej Interio, Springwel, Nilkamal, Centuary Mattresses, Coirfit, Sleepwell, Story@Home.

Here we are presenting the list of best mattresses based on online availability and categorized as per mattress type.

Best spring mattresses

  • Kurl-on Relish 6-inch King Size Spring Mattress
  • Kurl-on Dream Sleep 6-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress
  • Nilkamal Flora 6-inch King Size Spring Mattress
  • Nilkamal Easy 4 inch Double Spring Mattress
  • Springwel Comfort Collection 6 inch Queen Spring Mattress
  • Springwel Ecosoft 6 inch Queen Spring Mattress
  • Boston Pocket Spring 8-Inch King Size Off White Spring Mattress

Best coir mattresses

  • Kurlon Kurlo bond 5 inch Queen Coir Mattress (78x60x5 inch)
  • Kurlon Kurlo Bond 5 inch King Coir Mattress (78x72x5 inch)
  • Centuary Mattresses Jyothi 5 inch Single Coir Mattress (72x36x5 inch)
  • Urban Ladder Essential Coir 4 inch Queen Coir Mattress (78x60x4 inch)
  • Coirfit Beetle 4-inch Double Size Coir Mattress
  • Nilkamal Dream 4 inch Double Coir Mattress (78x48x4 inch)
  • Nilkamal Dream 4 inch King Coir Mattress (78x72x4 inch)

Best foam mattresses

  • Nilkamal Value 4 inch King Foam Mattress (75x72x4 inch)
  • Kurlon Convenio 4 inch Queen Foam Mattress (72x60x4 inch)
  • Story@Home 4-inch Single Size Foam Mattress (Maroon, 72x35x4)
  • Wake-Fit Dual Comfort Mattress - Hard & Soft(78*60*6inch)
  • Mattress Box ThreeFold Folding Bed 3-inch Single Size Foam Mattress
  • Boston Orthopaedic 6-Inch Queen Size Off-White Dual Comfort Hard& Soft Foam Mattress (78X60X6)

Mattress features

Reversible Mattress

Reversible Mattress can be used in both ways. Usually one side is little softer and other side is firm or hard. In this way you can get best of the both worlds. If you have specific use cases where you want to have firmness once and softness other times, then reversible mattress is meaningful.

Mattresses with Reinforced Edges

Edges of the mattress are stitched twice and hard. As a result there is very less chance of torn even if the mattress is used very rough.

Pillow Top mattresses

Don’t confuse it as in built pillow! No, it is not the case. Pillow top only means there is a extra layer of cushion on the top of mattress. It cusion feels like it as pillow hence the name - pillow top. It adds only extra comfort. But there are few normal mattress which are be as comfortable as normal mattresses. So make sure you are not spending too much money. Sometimes it is marked in the product description as ‘extra soft’ too.

Hypoallergenic mattresses

Surface of the mattress is made such that it avoids dust related allergies. It is very food feature for allergy sufferers and asthma patients.

Rebonded Foam mattresses

Rebonded foam is recycled foam, in other words scrap foam is recycled and sold as rebonded foam. It is good for environment but will it help you? In general rebonded foam is very economical but not much durable. If you are looking for the short terms usecase mattresses then rebonded is right for you.

Checklist and usage guidelines

  • Mattresses thickness can range from 4 inch to 10 inches. More thickness means more cusion and more comfort. If you have back pain it is always good to select the mattress at least 6 inches.
  • It is better to use waterproof cover on mattress to avoid mattress damage.
  • Make sure the surface of the cot is flat. Any curves on the plywood may damage the mattress.
  • It is better to use a cover, made of fabric to protect the mattress from dust.
  • Make sure the delivered mattress is all new, and not used at all.

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