Microwave Vs Oven vs Convection
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Microwave Vs Oven vs Convection

Technology is evolving at rapid phase even in our kitchens. Earlier there were only stoves and later people adopted microwave ovens. Now the market is filled with different small kitchen appliances like Convection Microwave Oven, OTG, Air fryers, Electric tandoor. Let us understand the basic terms from the beginning for better clarity.

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Oven without any prefix or suffix refers to traditional ovens. Basically Oven means a closed chamber with heat to cook, grill and bake food items. In the traditional ovens heat is generated with the help of charcoal and wood. Still these ovens are used in Indian bakeries for baking purpose. The traditional ovens are energy efficient as charcoal is hot for long duration.

Gas Oven

The Ovens for which the energy source is gas known as Gas ovens. Building and maintaining the gas ovens is quite complicated. Safety is paramount importance with these ovens. Because of these reasons gas ovens are not popular and getting outdated very fast.

Electric Oven

Electric ovens are early stage technological advancements. The energy source in the ovens is electricity. Till a decade back in India these ovens were only options and used by only rich class Indians. As time passed these popula ovens are replaced by other superior technological ovens. Currently one compact version of electric oven is very popular and it is called as Oven Toaster Grill(OTG). OTG is compact convection oven. We will discuss about convection part further in the section.

Microwave Oven Or Microwave

These are the recent technological advancement and often called as microwave ovens. The energy source of heating the food is microwave radiation. An Electron tube called Magnetron generates microwave radiation which makes the water molecules to vibrate. These water molecule vibrations leads to heating of the water molecules and eventually the food. The food heating is from inside to outside. Because of this food will be never crispy or crunchy and you cannot bake as well.


Convection is the movement of hot air of molecules facilitated by electric fans. Even the old traditional ovens, gas ovens or electric ovens the generated heat is not distributed uniformly. Convection makes the food cooked evenly by distributing heat equally. The hot air is circulated by fans so the surface of the food gets crispy and crunchy making it perfect option for baking as well. Convection is add on feature if you install fans in gas ovens then it is Convection gas oven.

Convection Electric Oven

Electric ovens with fans inside known as Convection electric ovens. As discussed OTG is one form of compact convection electric ovens. In fact Air fryer is also a convection electric oven.

Convection Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven with Convection feature is known as Convection microwave oven. This combination makes the microwave oven a complete cooking appliance as you can reheat, defrost, grill and bake as well.

Microwave vs Oven vs Convection

As you know by above explanation the comparison is quite difficult. A good analogy is, say Oven represent a fruit then Microwave represent Mango fruit and convection represent Organic nature. By this analogy Convection microwave oven means Organic mango fruit.

Term Explanation Analogy
Oven Oven is generic appliances for heating, it can be traditional oven, gas oven, electric oven or microwave oven. Fruit
Microwave Microwave is one type of Oven. In other words microwave is a oven with energy source as microwave radiation. Mango fruit
Convection Convection is add on feature where hot air circulated with electric fans for uniform heat distribution and crispiness of food. Organic food
Convection Microwave Oven Microwave Oven with fans to circulate hot air. Organic mango fruit

We are presenting the appliances names and description of each type of appliance and their technology classification which helps in understand different kind of appliances in the market. Well every appliances has some special purpose or use case. Short comparison summary of all above links is given below.

Appliance Purpose
Convection Microwave oven Jack of all trades. Convection microwave ovens can cook, reheat, defrost, grill, fry, roast, bake all the food items.
OTG Best for toast, grill and world class baking quality which is demanded by professional bakers. Read more about Microwave vs OTG differences.
Air Fryers Most healthiest way of frying food items in limited quantity. Know more about Microwave and Air Fryer differences.
Electric tandoor Meant for tandoori items like tandoori roti, tandoori naan. Know more about electric tandoor.

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