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Best router for torrenting

Downloading movies using torrent is now a days become very common. The only the problem to download a movie using torrent is have switched on your system until the download completes. Most of the people the download tons of movies throughout the whole night, your system will run whole night. This causing high electricity running costs at the same time system lifespan drop a huge level.

An alternate solution is using your router itself to download movie using torrent and store in a pen drive, hard disk. Here we are presenting some most trending torrent routers which are especially made for torrent downloading.

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Advantages of torrent router

  • No need keep system on whole time: Select the torrent which you want download and add that torrent in router admin panel’s “bittorrent” list. That's it. Now you can shutdown your system. The torrent download won't be stopped. The download continues as long as the router is on.

  • Less electricity consumption: Router consumes very less electricity. In whole year router consumes less than 5% electricity of laptop consumes.

  • Share movies in whole network: Torrent router downloads, movie into pen drive or external hard disk which is attached to the router.Pendrive or hard disk can be shared in whole network using a router and get movies on the fly on your system.

The best thing about torrent router is you can add multiple torrent to download in whole night even by shutdown your laptop. In the morning you can get movies on the fly on your laptop. No need to even bother about connect, disconnect hard disk to router or laptop. Get movies directly on your laptop through wifi.

Asus N600 DSL N55U C1 Wireless Gigabit ADSL Modem Router

Asus N600 DSL C1 torrent router

Asus N600 made of lots of new advanced features. It supports dual WAN feature that allows ethernet internet connection (like Act fiber) as well as ADSL internet connection (like BSNL). Asus N600 powered with Asus app “Download Master - PC off Downloading” allows downloading files while your PC is turned off. Files stored on router attached external hard disk which can be accessed wirelessly on your PC. Asus N600 DSL N55U powered with dual CPU each for wireless and wired connectivity independently improves performance.

Asus N600 RT N56U Dual-Band Wireless Gigabit Router

Asus N600 RT N56U torrent router

This is one was selected as best router of the year 2023. This dual band router powered with hardware NAT allows 5X fast internet speed. It’s a media server allows to download torrents even your PC is turned off. Dual band improves lag free data transmission. Its combination of wireless technology and data pipelining allows 3,00,000 concurrent data transmission sessions without any data interruption.

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