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What it means N150 Vs N300? Which is best?

The Nxxx notation indicates, higher the number means higher the number of megabit(Mb) in a second it can transmit. Here we are presenting details of, what it mean the N150 and N300, difference between N150 and N300 and last which is better.
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  • N150 has one antenna, whereas N300 has dual antennas
  • N300 has more coverage area than N150
  • N300 delivers more data transmission speed than N150
  • N150 router available in single band category only, whereas N300 available in both single band and dual band category.

Difference between n150 vs n300 speed

The number suffix with "N" indicates total number of megabit per second it capable to transmit in best best case. In case of dual band routers, multiple antenna routers transmit data packets through multiple data streams simultaneously, total number of megabits per second transmitted is equal to the sum of megabits on each stream. For instance, N300 dual band router transmits 150 megabits on 2.4GHz, remaining 150 megabits on 5GHz or 120 megabits on 2.4GHz, remaining 180 megabits on 5GHz, depending on router manufacturers. Overall, N300 router can transmit not more than 300 megabits per second (Mbps) and N150 router transmit not more than 150 megabits per second (Mbps).

n150 vs n300 router speed

Difference between n150 vs n300 range

Practically, router covering range does not depend on the n150 or n300, it depends on the number of antennas and their power. Most of the cases N300 router equipped with dual antennas. Each router antenna transmits signals in a circular arc shape. As N300 has dual antennas, it forms two circular arc shapes that cover large area. So that N300 router covers long range compared to n300.

n150 vs n300 router range

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