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Single Band Router vs Dual Band

Router band points to the speed of data transfer by router. Single band router inexpensive and suitable for moderate speed usage, whereas dual band router designed for high speed and capable to work with multiple devices. Try our Router selector to choose right router by answering simple questions without reading any buying guide.

Single Band Router

Single band router operates at 2.4GHz frequency. Generally, Single band router have a weak signal and cover a small area compare dual band router. If you are living in a small home or office and connected to few devices, the defiantly single band router should be your choice. For web browsing, email sending and watching movies single band router (2.4GHz) is enough. While buying single band router look for "2.4GHz frequency in router specification. Single band routers are available, economical price, approximate price range starts from Rs.800 in India.

  • Web browse, email sending and watching movies
  • Cover small area
  • Connects to few number of devices

Advantages of Single band router

    Single band routers are inexpensive. Single band router price range starts from 700 rupees in India. The single band router is optimal best router if you not doing heavy video streaming and have a limited number of users.

Disadvantages of Single band

  • Generally saying, most of the electronic devices such as cordless phones, microwaves, bluetooth device runs on 2.4 GHz band. These devices 2.4 GHz band interference with single band router 2.4 GHz band causes network congestion makes degraded network performance and frequent disconnection.

  • In high rise apartments where your flat covered with cluttered wifi signal makes single band router signal interference and disconnections.

Single Band Router Dual Band Router
Suitable for Small home Large home
Designed for Web browsing, email, videos watching Online high resolution gaming, video streaming
Covering area Small Very Large
No. device can connect Few Huge
Signal Strength Medium Very strong
Suitable for high wifi dense area, like apartment? No, not at all Yes, Just go for it
Operating frequency 2.4Ghz 2.4Ghz and 5GHz
Cost Economical
Rs 700 to 2,500
Rs 3000 to 10,000

Dual band router

difference between single band router and dual band router

Dual band router operates at 2.4GHz and 5GHz simultaneously. Dual band router covers large area and capable to connect many devices at the same time. If you are looking router for gaming, video streaming, dual band router is perfect choice. If you are living in are that clutter with many wifi signals then goes for dual band router which provides uninterrupted connection.

  • Online gaming, video streaming
  • Cover large area
  • Connect to large number devices

Advantages of Dual Band Router

  • Two separate, independent networks, each on 2.4GHz and 5GHz band gives ultimate performance and flexibility. Some of devices are connected to 2.4GHz network and others are connected to 5GHz network. User can set the speed limit on each network usage. Even user can connect to their preferred network depending on their usage, for instance for video streaming, online gaming 5GHz network is preferred. Even user can set the speed limit on video streaming so that other users can enjoy lag free net.

  • The dual band router signal does not interference from other electronic devices like microwaves, bluetooth devices, cordless phones which runs on 2.4GHz frequency. That's why, dual band router disconnection is very less.

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