Sewing Machines for Tailoring Clothes
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Suitable Sewing Machines for Tailoring Clothes

Sewing Machines are categorized based on their distinct functionalities. There are many varieties of sewing machines available for tailoring, and their prices differ with respect to their brand, quality and features. You can use our Sewing Machine selector to choose right sewing machine by answering simple questions without reading any buying guide.

Basically, professional tailors need a flexible sewing machine with advanced features, good quality, efficient speed-which can work flexibly on all types of fabrics, different types of stitch patterns. However, many tailor professional sewing machines are available in India with affordable prices. They can select any type of sewing machine according to their desired brand or budget.

Let’s look into different types of sewing machines suitable for tailoring clothes and their general features.

Mechanical sewing machine

In India, mechanical sewing machines are commonly known as silai machine, tailoring machine, stitching machine, domestic sewing machine or household sewing machines. These machines are simple sewing machines with less flexibility, efficiency and need manual operating. These machines have only one stitch pattern and are useful for simple forward stitching only. These machines are very less effective when compared to other electronic and computerized sewing machines.

These machines may not be suitable for tailoring your clothes because these needs too much human effort and you can sew only single patterned stitch, which may be not enough for tailoring your clothes.

Literally, mechanical sewing machine are not flexible with all fabrics. You cannot sew thick fabric like denim or leather on these machines, you even cannot sew other fabrics like chiffon, velvet and net.

Electronic sewing machine

Electronic sewing machines, trending sewing machines of today’s generation. These machines are much more effective and flexible with most of the fabrics, these machines provide you number of varieties of patterns for designing your clothes. Generally, these machines are expensive when compared with mechanical sewing machines, but the advanced features in these machines are price worthy.

These machines are best suitable for tailoring your clothes. Because of its advanced features and multiple inbuilt stitch pattern, you can use it to furnish your home decors like curtains, pillow covers,sofa covers and many more.

Electronic sewing machines are not too expensive, you can choose according to your affordable price. These machines are good for any type of user like beginner, tailor or professional.

Computerized sewing machine

Computerized Sewing Machines are more efficient and faster than electronic sewing machines. These machines come with LED screen panels, to select the stitch pattern you need. These machines are considered as computerized because of its advanced feature, connectivity of the internet, USB and digital cards- you can select any design pattern from the internet and design on it or can choose any design from the USB or digital card. These machines are best suitable for professionals, tailors and designers as this provides you advanced automatic features, high efficiency, high speed, flexibility and portability.

Generally, electronic sewing machines and computerized sewing machines are heavy duty machines and are most flexible with all types of fabrics you choose to sew, thick or very thin fabrics like leather, denim, net or chiffon. Before you choose your sewing machine, be clear with the fabric you regularly sew because many sewing machines are not flexible with all types of fabrics.

Mini sewing machines or hand held sewing machines are not suitable for tailoring your clothes. Never use these types of machines for tailoring your clothes, these machines give a low quality of stitching which will last for less duration of time.

Best sewing machine suitable for tailoring

All electronic and computerized sewing machines are suitable for tailoring your clothes. Below is a small list of best suitable sewing machines for tailoring.

  1. Usha tailor deluxe sewing machine
  2. Brother GS 1700 Sewing Machine
  3. Singer start 1306 sewing machine
  4. Usha Janome dream stitch automatic Zig-Zag electric sewing machine
  5. Singer 1507 sewing machine
  6. Singer 8280 sewing machine
  7. Singer Brilliance 6180 Sewing Machine
  8. Brother GS-3700 Electric Sewing Machine

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