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How to choose Sewing Machine for Beginners

Mechanical and electronic sewing machines are most popular sewing machines in India. Basically, mechanical sewing machines are used for household purpose, skilled sewers and professionals/ tailors uses electronic sewing machines for pico, Hemming, reverse stitch, buttonhole stitching, embroidering, quilting, zip fixing, smocking like advance features These machines are available in different models for different level of sewing. You can use Sewing Machine selector to choose right sewing machine by answering simple questions without reading any buying guide.

For beginners, there are three cases for selecting a sewing machine

  1. If you need a sewing machine for long term and you are buying it for any genuine purpose and want to use it for regular sewing then go for an electronic sewing machine with options of many sewing modes and many different varieties of advanced automatic features.
  2. If you need a sewing machine for just for particular period of time, mean just for your projects or for simple decorative crafting for home within less budget then you can choose mini sewing machines, these machines are low budget machines with less features and best suitable for temporary use.Mechanical sewing machine is also a good choice in less investment.
  3. If you are looking for a sewing machine for home use and want to use it to learn sewing seriously and continue it for other levels of sewing like embroidering, quilting, hemming, picot etc., then you choose an automated and smart Electronic sewing machine with all above features. Little expensive, but will be a good investment.

Electronic sewing with basic features is also a budget sewing machine to learn sewing with ease and comfort. Skilled sewers can choose any electronic sewing machine according to their requirements.

Before you buy a sewing machine you must consider the below points:

Skill level/ user experience

The user’s skill level is an important thing while buying a sewing machine, beginners may not be able to handle sewing machines easily. There are many efficient sewing machines comfortable for beginners. Mechanical sewing machines are best suitable for beginners, they are available in low budget too. Skilled level people can choose any mechanical/ electronic or embroidering sewing machine according to their requirement.

Electronic sewing machines are available with varieties of inbuilt stitch patterns, decorative patterns, buttonhole stitch pattern and many more features.

Purpose of buying/ what are you planning to sew

Purpose of buying should be clear, if you need a sewing machine for regular use or for professional then choose durable sewing machines with more warranty period and more advanced options which reduces the sewing effort. Manual machines may be not suitable for regular sewers, better you choose electronic sewing machines with high advance options like automatic threading, reverse sewing, start and stop button, buttonhole stitch pattern etc.

Your budget

Your budget, how much amount you want to invest in sewing machines. Beginners should be careful before you choose an expensive sewing machine, if you are looking to sew just for pastime better you choose a low budget sewing machine with less features.

We feel investing good amount of money for just few days passion is not a good idea, if you actually want to learn sewing or you need it for any projects something then you choose can according to your requirement.

Electronic machines are available in many models varying in price according to their features provided.

Frequency of use

Sewing machines are generally useful in every home, but few people may not feel it as useful or may not know how to sew and don’t use it.

Before you choose an expensive sewing machine with all advance features look at your frequency of sewing you do, what type of sewing is required for your project. Any other member of your home knows sewing and if you are a beginner and don’t use it regularly then also it may useful for other members in your home.

Features you need

More features, more expensive. Choose sewing machines according to your required features. If you need both sewing and embroidering instead of buying sewing machine and embroidery machine separately, then choose a zigzag machine, easy to operate and inexpensive.

Latest model sewing machines are having lots of advance features which makes sewing easy and comfortable. However, different features are available in mechanical and electronic sewing machines like different built-in stitch patterns- about 6 to 200 depending on the model of machine, bobbin drop in on top, start and stop button, buttonhole stitch, reverse stitch button, some have an LCD screen, speed, etc.

Speed and efficiency you need

Mechanical sewing machines are low speed machines which cannot handle thick fabric or stretchy fabric easily. Mechanical sewing machines are less efficient sewing machines, they need manual settings every time you use. Sewing Machine like treadle and hand operated machines are very less efficient machines with single straight stitch option and this machines need more effort to run, but can be considered in case like- suitable for beginners, irregular users, people who need only straight stitch option and low in budget.

Latest model sewing machines are fast and efficient machines with capacity of about more than 800 stitches per minute. These machines are effective and have variety of stitch pattern options. Speed and effective machine saves your time.

Type of stitches you need

Latest model sewing machines are having lots of advance in built stitch patterns which makes sewing easy and comfortable. However different stitches are available in electronic sewing machines like different built-in stitch patterns- about 6 to 200 depending on the model of machine, reverse stitch, buttonhole stitch, decorative stitch patterns, picot stitch, hemming, blind hem, etc.

Treadle and hand operated machines are meant for only single stitch pattern, zigzag machines are feasible for both sewing and embroidering different stitch patterns, no. of in- built pattern stitches improves compatibility of machines.

If you’re looking for seaming/serger or overlocking feature in sewing machines then you can go for overlocker or serger machine, which are meant for seaming the fabric in a different stitch pattern according to serger capability.

Size and Portability

Size of sewing machines is an important factor for people, who travel more or professionals like designers and tailors.

However, sewing machines should be small and compact such that they can fit in your cupboard. Latest sewing machines are small, lightweight and compact and they can be easily portable. As the latest model sewing machines are made of good quality fiber and metal on other parts, they weigh about 8 kg to 15 kg generally. Old model sewing machines like treadle and hand operated sewing machines are made of heavy metal like aluminum body, and these machines are heavy in weight and are not easy to carry along.


Singer and Usha are elderly and famous sewing machine brands in India. Later on other brands of sewing machines were introduced like Philips and Brother. And these brand sewings are available in different varieties for different types of sewing and different prices depending on their features.

Below is the list of some most famous brands of sewing machines in India

  1. Usha Janome machine
  2. Singer sewing machine
  3. Brother sewing machine
  4. BMS sewing machine

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