All about Singer Sewing Machines in India
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All about Singer Sewing Machines in India

Singer sewing machines are most popular sewing machines in India. These machines are available in different models for different level of sewing. Singer treadle machine and hand held sewing machines are the most elderly sewing machine. Later on many different models of singer sewing machines were introduced in India. Distinct models of sewing machines for different levels of skill were introduced like mechanical sewing machines suitable for beginners and electronic, embroidery and computerized sewing machines for tailors, professionals and textile industries. You can use Sewing Machine selector to choose right sewing machine by answering simple questions without reading any buying guide.

Sewing is being always a hobby and passion for us. For people, who have hands on experience of sewing or are skilled can use sewing machines to design clothes, home décor, decorative crafts, designing clothes for your children, learn different patterns of stitches, fix your old clothes, alter your clothes, embroidering and in many different ways. Many want to learn sewing as a passion or skill. Sewing machines are now available wide range of varieties with advance features.

Singer Domestic Sewing machines

These machines are also called as manual machines/tailoring machine/treadle sewing machine/mechanical sewing machines, where the basic settings are done manually by the user. These machines are best suitable for the beginners who want to learn sewing from basics. These are simple “silai machine” (sewing machine) with very few features, inexpensive and also easily repairable. These sewing machines have affordable prices when compared with computerized and electronic sewing machines. Looking into its features – it has a built in presser feet, adjustable stitch length, bottom loading Bobbin, adjustable Tension, single stitch.

Singer sewing machine

Both electronic and mechanical sewing machines are good for beginners. Mechanical sewing machines are low budget machines with less features whereas electronic sewing machines are expensive machines with advanced automatic features which makes sewing easy and comfortable, the price of the sewing machines varies respective to its features, less feature then less price. Beginners can choose machine depending on their budgets, skill level and purpose for buying a sewing machine. And expensive computerized sewing machines are not meant for beginners or household purposes, this type of machines are for industrial purpose. These machines are fast and heavy duty machines generally useful to manage sewing on a large scale.

Best singer Sewing machines for beginners

Here is the list of some best suitable singer sewing machine models for beginners

Singer Start 1306 Sewing machine

Singer Start 1306 Sewing Machine

This is an electric sewing machine with a capacity of 1800 stitches per minute. This machine is a best choice for beginners and also skilled. These machines are designed to sew with ease and comfort. This machine is a latest model machine with 4 basic stitch patterns, 1 decorative stitch pattern and a buttonhole stitch pattern. Many decorative crafts can be easily designed. This machine is a budget machine with advance features and beginners can easily learn sewing. For irregular users, it is a time saver when you need to fix any outfit, alter your garments, and fixes buttons or to design any craft and many more tiny but needful things.

Similar models of singer sewing machines

  • Singer Promise 1408 SEWING Machine
  • Singer multi stitch sewing machine (with 13 in-built stitch capability)
  • Singer 3229 Simple Sewing Machine
  • Singer Tradition 2250 SEWING Machine
  • Singer Fashion Mate 3333 Electric Sewing Machine
  • Singer Talent 3321 Sewing Machine

Singer straight stitch sewing machine

Singer straight stitch sewing machine

This sewing machine is a simple sewing machine with single inbuilt straight stitch. This is a mechanical/ domestic hand operated sewing machine with a low budget; these machines can be attached to an electric pedal footer to reduce manual effort. This machine is a low speed machine when compared with electric sewing machines, about 100 stitches per minute. This machine is a good option for beginners and irregular sewers, people who need just sewing feature can go for this model sewing machine. This model machine is a heavy weight machine made of metallic body. Easy to maintain and repair.

Similar models of singer mechanical sewing machines

  • Singer Tailor Deluxe Manual Sewing Machine
  • Singer Home use sewing machine

Singer Talent 3321 Electric Sewing Machine

Singer Talent 3321 Sewing Machine

This is an advance featured electric sewing machine. This machine is not meant for naïve sewers. This machine is suitable for tailors/ professionals. This model machine have 3 types of presser foots- zigzag foot, buttonhole foot and peaco foot (picot). This machine is best suitable for professionals; this machine has 21 built- in stitches patterns with 55 stitch functions, button holder stitch, buttonhole stitch patterns, adjustment of stitch’s length and width, picot pattern and needle position adjustment.

Similar models of singer mechanical sewing machines

  • Singer Brilliance 6180 Electronic Sewing Machine.

Best suitable Singer Embroidery Machine for beginners

For designing Embroidery, beginners need to know the basics of sewing techniques, people who have hands on sewing can easily learn embroidery. Basically, embroidering machines are of different models based on different features. Basic embroidery machine is a zig zag machine and this machine is best suitable for beginners and zigzag machines are good choice for naïve people who want to learn both sewing and embroidering, this is also a budget machine for your home.

Singer Curvy 8770 Embroidery Sewing Machine

Singer Curvy 8770 Sewing Machine

This machine is an embroidery machine, with speed of 750 spm (stitches per minute), 225 built-in stitches, memory capability, programmable needle up/down, automatic reverse button, LCD screen, bobbin winds, automatic threading and easy operated computerized features.

This machine is a best option for people, who are looking to buy a sewing machine with embroidering as a main feature. Embroidery machines are heavy duty machines with automatic features, which make sewing more effortless and simple.

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