Never buy junk again

There are many ways you can make the wrong product selection. Wrong products will not only impact your comfort, money but also the health and safety.

Why ratings are not always your best friends

  • If a product is offered at a lower price, ratings are good even though product is bad.
  • Ratings are instantaneous.
    People do not consider the servicing issues which occur after one year of purchase.
  • People do not do much research on health and safety.
    Best example: Ozone air purifiers are rated very well at online stores even they are very unhealthy.

Shocking examples to illustrate few scenarios

  • Star ratings are not given for Triple door refrigerators. It is always better to go for double door refrigerators.
  • Depending on your walking style you have to choose the right shoes for good health.
  • Ozone air purifiers and Air Ionizers are very unsafe, dangerous for health.
  • Memory foam mattresses can emit emissions and not healthy at all.
  • Metal coil hair dryer makes the hair brittle.
  • For Asthma or allergy patients should consider HEPA air filters for Vacuum cleaners.
  • Radiant heater is not advisable if you have children at your home.
  • Aluminum pressure cookers react to acidic ingredients.
  • Square wave inverters not safe at all.
  • 'UV protected' sunglasses can avoid eye diseases like cataract in future.
  • For Indian cooking choose Baffle filter. Other filters won’t work for Indian cooking.
  • If you travel a lot, make sure the laptop is lightweight and have high battery power.
  • Ceramic irons provides amazing iron experience even they are little costly.
  • 'Eau de parfum' marked perfumes are the worst choice for the workplace.
  • LED bulb color type should be chosen based on room type and mood.
  • Instant geysers are not suitable for bathing.
  • Cold Press juices have more nutrients and enzymes.
  • If you are not planning to bake in the microwave, Why to buy Convection microwave?
  • Do you know Front load washing machines give best washing quality, consume less water?
  • Just because water is hard you don't need an RO water purifier
  • Desert cooler for a small room is a total waste of money.
  • For small volume of printing, a laser printer is a bad very choice.
  • Buying ADSL router if you have Ethernet connection (example: Act fibernet) is totally waste.

How can Zelect help you?

We are an independent organization that works side by side with consumers to create a fairer, safer, and healthier world. Below are our guiding principles.

  • Helping the people to make healthy and safe product choices.
  • Make sure the products are value for money.
  • Suggested products should match customer's unique needs.
  • Finally, it should be easy to select the products.

We do extensive product research by reading the Wikipedia, research reports, product manuals. We present the results in articles and feed this knowledge to our algorithms and make beautiful selection tools.

What can you do?

Doing independent research on buying guides, product selection is very time consuming task. As we did all the product research you can safely trust us on product selection, and be productive with your time. We are not associated with any brands.

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