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Zelect is decision support engine for online shoppers. The service helps customers with guided questions and presents results based on the options chosen.

  • Start boosting your conversion rate
  • Give your customers a better customer service
  • Guide your shoppers as if they are in a physical store
  • Let your products get discovered easily

Are you a manufacturer like LG?

We provide customized selectors with your company products only. We will build this tool and host it on our website for free. All you have to do is to back link the selector from your website. Example: LG microwave selector

Are you a startup venture?

If you are a startup, working in any segment of products we operate, please reach out to us. Say you have built a smart microwave, we can showcase your products. Are you working on smart home automation solutions like scheduling of Geyser switch on and switch off times - this is the right place. Apart from that, you are working on rentals of Air Conditioners Or Refrigerators then we can explain the new startup options to our customers. Anything in your mind feel free to reach us.