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Microwave Oven vs Airfryer

Air fryers are new home appliances in the market and meant for frying and roasting. After seeing Air fryers many people confused whether to buy Air fryer or microwave oven or both. It in this article we try to address the differences and benefits of both Microwave oven and Air fryer. Please see OTG is meant for exclusively for toast, grill and best baking. Read Microwave vs OTG article for more information.

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Microwave oven technology vs Air Fryer technology

In normal microwave ovens, the food is heated by heating the water molecules in the food. The food is heated with microwave radiation, heat is transferred inside to outside. Because of this microwave cooking is best for wet food items and not best for less moisture items. To address this problem convection microwave oven are introduced. In convection microwave oven there is an additional heating element to heat the food from outside and fan to circulate the hot air. In this way you can get crisp and roasted food easily.

Air fryers work on the Rapid air technology principle and meant for frying. You can imagine it as compact version of convection part of convection microwave oven. In Rapid air technology hot air is circulated over the food with very high speed. The heating elements or coil is placed very close to the food for effective heating. Because of very high speed of air circulation moisture is removed from the food very fast, making the food is more crispier and brown.

The technology differences impact food quality and many other aspects. We are listing the differences in the tabular form for easier understanding.

Normal Microwave Oven vs Air fryer

Normal microwave oven means solo microwave oven or grill microwave oven. In these microwave ovens food can be reheated, defrost, cook wet curries and grill kebabs. But you can absolutely cannot bake, fry, roast. Because to fry the food items like French fries you need external heating elements and fan to circulate hot air - convection. Whereas Air fryer is exclusively for frying. So it is like comparing mangoes and oranges.

If you already have solo microwave oven or grill microwave oven then you can buy air fryer exclusively for frying. If you don’t have a normal microwave oven then you have two choices either you can buy only convection microwave or buy both convection microwave and air fryer. If you are looking for appliance to cook curries, defrost, grill, bake then go for convection microwave oven. If the total intention is healthier frying option then go for air fryers. We address the detailed differences between convection microwave oven and airfryer in the next section.

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