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Can we use air conditioner water for plants?

Yes, Water that drains from the air conditioner is free from the chlorine, salt or any chemicals, so it can be used for watering the plants, wash utensils or vehicles. As in summer air contains more water particles(humidity). In this hot humid weather air conditioner on continuous running may produce five to ten liters water in a day. Attach a bucket to air conditioner drain hose/pipe, capture the water can be used for general purpose use as mentioned above. Try our Air Conditioner selector to choose right air conditioner by answering simple questions without reading any buying guide.

Where air conditioner drain water can not be used?

However, air conditioner water is free from the chemicals, it is not safe for drinking. Air conditioner coil might be house of bacteria, algae which contaminates water. Air conditioner water is not safe for drinking without going through the filtering, purifying. It is better to not to use in applications where pH balance is vital such as in aquariums.

Why do air conditioner produce water?

air conditioner moisture on coil

Air conditioner produces water as part of the cooling process. Air conditioner contains a coil that cools the warm air blown over it. This makes moisture on the coil, just like forming water droplets on a cold glass of water on kept outside. Moisture of coil slowly drips to drain lid and flow to outside through the drain pipe.

Producing water is sign of air conditioner working properly. If you not able to saw flowing water in drain pipe, it means water is flowing somewhere else where it should not be or water is freezing on coils which is further reducing the working efficiency.

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