Window AC vs Split AC
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Window AC vs Split AC

Window Ac and split AC varies in terms of size, design, number of units, installation and re-installation cost, noise level.

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Quick AC comparison

Split AC Window AC
Mounted on the wall Mounted on the window frame
price range:   22,000 -   45,000
price range:   18,000 -   26,000
Not portable portable
Flexibility to install anywhere Suitable only for small rooms with window slot,
and best for those who moves houses frequently
Less noise level More noise

Window AC

  • Window AC consists single unit. Compressor and condenser located at outside whereas evaporator mounted in the window.
  • Window AC can be fitted in window only. Window size should exactly match with the AC size, if the window size is larger than AC, you have to install in a suitable frame of size AC. Basically, Window AC mounting place limited to the window.
  • During installation no need of making holes on the wall.
  • Re-installation cost is very economical, almost negligible. Even you can install yourself without the need of a technician.
  • Window air conditioner makes more noise as compared to the split air conditioner.

Split AC

  • Split AC consists two units. One unit located outside of the room, consist condenser and compressor whereas inside unit consists evaporator which outputs cool air into the room. Expensive compare to Window AC.
  • Split AC can be fitted anywhere. Evaporator mounted on the wall.
  • Need to make many holes on the wall, even need make 10 cm diameter hole on the wall. Separate hole has to make for condenser as well as for evaporator.
  • Noise level very low, almost negligible because of condenser located outside of the room.
  • Re-installation cost very high due to refill the gas on re-installation and tricky transportation.

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