Air cooler Vs Air conditioner
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Air cooler Vs Air conditioner

Fighting the summer is quite difficult. Buying Air Conditioner or Air Cooler is very good options in the summer. Selecting the right device is important as both AC and Air coolers have pros and cons. I hope this article will help you to decide appliance. The short comparison of the differences is listed below. Air Cooler selector to choose right air cooler by answering simple questions without reading any buying guide.
Feature Air Cooler Air Conditioner
Price Economical Expensive
Installation requirement No Yes
Daily maintenance Yes, you need to fill water daily Not required
Eco-friendly Yes No
Fresh Air Yes No
High humid areas Do not work well Works well

Air coolers are cheaper compared to Air Conditioners

It is trivial fact you should know that Air coolers are way cheaper than ACs. Typical ACs are costs around Rs, 25,000 to Rs. 50,000. Whereas Air cooler price starts from Rs. 3,000 for small room and can range upto Rs. 15,000 for large room.

Apart from the purchase cost, the operating cost of the Air cooler is very less. The Air cooler costs around 80% less electricity bill compared to Air conditioners. For example, if the monthly AC bill is Rs, 2000 then air cooler bill go hardly Rs. 400 per month.

No installation requirement for Air coolers compared to Air Conditioners

Air coolers require no installation. You can just move in as appliance. It is quite easy. But for the Air conditioners it is very much difficult task. For Window AC, you need to make proper arrangements to fit the AC in window. Similarly, for split AC you need to make proper drill in the wall.

Air coolers requires continuous maintenance like filling the water in the tank

Yes, this is the main con of Air cooler. First you need to fill the water in the Air cooler before use. It is much cumbersome task. In the starting of the month, people have enthusiasm to do, but later they feel very lasy to do the same stuff. Apart from that, in water is much of crisis mode in the urban cities. You need to allot at least 10 buckets of water for the regular use.

At the same time, Air conditioners requires no maintenance on the daily basis. At most, you need to get the servicing done, twice in a year.

Air coolers eco-friendly compared to Air Conditioners

Yes, The Air cooler job is to fill the hot air with cool water. This process makes the environment cool and relaxed. But the way AC work it is different. The cools down the internal Air. As a side effects and compressor generated heat makes the outer environment much hotter.

The old models of ACs use harmful CFLs as refrigerant as cooling liquids. These refrigerants are very harmful to environment. The latest models are using R22 kind of refrigerants which are safe.

Air coolers are ineffective in high humid areas

This is the biggest con of Air coolers. Air coolers are not effective in high humid area or coastal areas. The reason being the way air coolers work. The air coolers fundamentally transfer water to air. In high humid areas, the air already have high level of humid in air, making it no space for extra water. Because of this reason air coolers are not effective in high humid areas. In such humid areas Air conditioners works like charm because of its compressor technology.

Air coolers delivery fresh Air

The air coolers circulate the fresh Air. It pulls outside air and cools it down. Whereas the air conditioner circulate the internal air. So Air conditioners air is not as fresh as compared to Air coolers

Air coolers air is better for Asthma patients

Air coolers circulate the fresh Air. The AC circulate the same internal Air. If there are airborne particles, allergens they re introduced at the regular intervals of time, triggering asthma attack. Because of few advanced models are introducing bacteria filters. If you have decided to take Air conditioners and have Asthma then make sure your AC has bacteria filters.

Apart from that Air conditioners require stabilizers to protect from voltage fluctuations and the total room should be closed to avoid outside air circulations. Apart from air conditioners, know more about how air cooler and fan differs, in our other blog post.

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