Types of hair dryers
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Types of hair dryers

Hair dryer - a simple and compact electronic device, convenient for blow drying and styling your hair. Basically, hair dryers are classified into different types based on the technology used in it, the material used for the heating element. The functionality of the hair dryers are mostly common in all types of hair dryers and is also alike toaster and curling iron functionality.

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Basically, working of hair dryer is a simple concept - the fan in the hair dryer pushes the cool air towards the heating element (coil) and the air gets heated because of the heating element and blows outside the concentrator nozzle of the hair dryer.

Many of us won’t look at the material of the hair dryer, but it’s very important to know about the material used in your hair dryer is suitable for your hair or not. Let’s look into the types of hair dryers, there are four most commonly used heating methods of hair dryers.

  1. Ionic hair dryer
  2. Ceramic or porcelain hair dryer
  3. Tourmaline hair dryer
  4. Titanium hair dryer

Ionic Hair Dryer

In Ionic technology, a number of negatively charged ions are generated when the air passes through the electric current in the metallic coil (nichrome wire). Then this negatively charged ions helps in breaking down the positively charged water molecules and dries the hair without removing the moisture and making the hair smooth and silky.

ionic hair dryer heating element

Ionic hair dryers can have any heating material like nichrome, ceramic. In other words ionic hair dryers can be combination of ceramic, titanium or tourmaline. The advantage of the ionic hair dryer is, these hair dryers are the time saver as they help in drying the hair quickly. These hair dryers produces negatively charged ions which breaks the water molecules and seals the cuticles such that the moisture in your hair gets locked.

Ionic hair dryers are not suitable for styling, it does not give any volume or bounce to your hair. These dryers are not suitable for thin and short hair types.

Ceramic Hair Dryer

Ceramic hair dryers are different from ionic hair dryers. Here, in ceramic hair dryers the heating material is made of ceramic clay or porcelain material. Unlike the metallic material, the ceramic material provides an even heat such that ceramic hair dryers does not damage your hair. Ceramic hair dryers emit infrared heat, which penetrates into your hair shaft and locks the moisture within the hair. Ceramic hair dryers also emits negatively charged ions along with the hot air.

ceramic hair dryer heating element

The advantage of ceramic hair dryers is, it gets heated up very quickly and provides you even heat at the end of nozzle surface or diffuser surface. In ceramic hair dryers, the ceramic clay is generally used on any of the internal part of the hair dryer, some hair dryer uses ceramic heating element. Such that the heat formed in the dryer becomes even because of this ceramic clay.

Ceramic hair dryers are suitable for both styling and drying any type of hair, making it shinier, smoother and silky. People who dries hair frequently can choose ceramic type hair dryer. There is a lot of confusion on what to choose, ionic or ceramic hair dryer. For more knowledge read our post difference between ionic and ceramic hair dryer.

Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Tourmaline technology is an another technology used in hair dryers. Tourmaline is a multi-colored mineral basically, a gemstone. Tourmaline is pyroelectric and piezoelectric mineral, such that when any force is applied on this mineral it generates an electric charge. Tourmaline mineral emits both negatively charged ions and infrared heat, making it ionic and infrared dryer. Basically, tourmaline mineral can be used in manufacturing of strong ionic hair dryer or infrared hair dryer.

tourmaline hair dryer heating element

Advantage of tourmaline hair dryer is, these hair dryers are more effective and quicker than other ionic or ceramic hair dryers. The tourmaline mineral is crushed into small molecules and used in internal body parts of the hair dryer or sometimes these tourmaline powder is used on the heating element. Tourmaline hair dryers are more safe hair dryer, these dryers generate heat very gently and equally, such that the hair gets heat safe and gets less damaged.

Tourmaline hair dryers are 50 percent faster than ionic and ceramic hair dryers. Tourmaline hair dryers are best suitable for thick and frizzy hair, but not good enough for thin and short hair.

Titanium Hair Dryer

Titanium hair dryers are another type of hair dryers, where the heating coil is made of titanium metal. Titanium hair dryers are much quicker than ionic, ceramic or tourmaline hair dryers. Titanium hair dryers are not safe for thin and small hairs as the heat temperature generated from this hair dryers may harm your hair. Titanium hair dryers are considered as lightweight hair dryers, mostly these type of hair dryers are manufactured by the Conair company.

titanium hair dryer heating element

Many brands are manufacturing different types of hair dryers. The hair dryer with a combination of different types of technologies is been manufactured such that all advantages can be found in a single hair dryer. Hair dryer with the combination of all four technologies will help you in effective styling and drying within less time without damaging your hair.

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