What is nanoe hair dryer? How it works?
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What is nanoe hair dryer? How it works?

The functionality of this dryer is similar to the ionic hair dryer. Nanoe hair dryers release nanoparticles, negatively charged ions. These ions break the positively charged water molecules such that the hair gets dried quickly. Nanoe hair dryers are better than ionic hair dryers.

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Nanoe hair dryers penetrate the nanoparticles deep into the hair cuticles and make your hair shiny and moist. Nanoe hair dryer is quick than the ionic hair dryer and locks the moisture in the hair cuticles 1000 times more than the ionic hair dryer. These hair dryers have a unique design and are best suitable for thick long, frizzy and curly hair types.

This dryer makes your hair healthy, shiny and frizz free. Looking into nanoe dryers cons- this dryers are heavy and also they are little pricey compared to the other dryers.

Panasonic is well known for manufacturing nanoe hair dryers. Below is a short list of Panasonic nanoe hair dryers

  1. Panasonic nanoe hair dryer EH-NA65-K
  2. Panasonic EH-NA57-PN nanoe hair dryer
  3. Panasonic nanoe care hair dryer EH-NA95-RP
  4. Panasonic nanoe hair dryer EH-NA25-W
  5. Panasonic EH-NA58-PP nanoe hair dryer

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