Why ceramic is better than ionic hair dryer
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Why ceramic is better than ionic hair dryer

Nowadays, hair dryers are made of different elements and advanced technologies to improve its efficiency. Some type of hair dryers are very quick but still, there are some cons in it. Different hair types need a different hair dryer for example, thick and long hair type needs a hair dryer which is quick-high power(watts), lightweight, emits even heats, makes your hair shiny, frizz free and damage free. Similarly, thin and short hair type needs a hair dryer with normal power about 1000-2000 watts, cool shot button, locks the moisture within the hair and makes the hair smooth and damage free.

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Ionic hair dryers use advanced technology, where the electrically charged ions are emitted and these ions break down the positively charged water molecules. Basically, the water within the hair will be removed through this ions and the moisture in the hair cuticle is locked and this makes your hair shinier and silkier.

Ceramic hair dryers, the ceramic material also called porcelain clay is used within the hair dryers. The ceramic material can be used as a wrap on the heating coil or can be used within the internal part of the dryer.

Ionic hair dryers are of a ceramic material, nichrome element, tourmaline or titanium element within it. In other words, any material can be used within the ionic hair dryers, that's why these dryers are also known as 'combinational hair dryers'. Conair brand is most popular for these type of dryers.

Ceramic hair dryers are better than the ionic hair dryers because ionic hair dryers build an electromagnetic field while emitting negatively charged ions and this electromagnetic field is dangerous for long time use.

Ceramic hair dryers are more safe and less expensive than ionic hair dryers. Ceramic hair dryers emit non-damaging infrared rays.

Features Ionic Ceramic
Emits ions Yes No
Emits infrared rays No Yes
Provides even heat Depends on its heating coil material Yes
Builts electromagnetic field Yes No
Safe for regular use No Yes
Safe for children No Yes
Cost Expensive Inexpensive
Suitable for styling No Yes
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