Types of epilators, Which suits your skin type?
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Types of epilators, Which suits your skin type?

Epilators are differentiated from their functional features. Basically, they are of 4 types
  • Spring (coil spring) type
  • Rotating disc type
  • Tweezer type

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Spring Type

Manual spring epilato

Spring type epilators are of two types Manual and Electrical type. The manual spring epilator is a simple coiled spring and is best suitable for the face. This manual spring epilator is simple to use. Bend the spring in downwards curve shape and twist it from both ends on the skin surface, the hair gets stuck in the coil of spring and is plucked out of the skin.

These types of epilators are known as the earlier and manual epilators. Epilating with this manual spring epilator is a completely natural way of removing facial hair. Comparatively, for facial hair removal, manual spring epilators are safer and less painful than electric epilators. There are varieties of manual epilators which does not need any power supply to run. To know more about how to use it and how it works, watch the below video.

Electric spring epilato

Electric spring epilator, this epilator uses the spring coil which runs on power or battery. The working of this epilator is mostly similar to the manual spring epilator. Unlike manual spring epilator, the motor in the electric spring epilator makes twist movements of the spring. The hair on the skin gets caught in this spring coil and is grabbed out of the skin.

Epilady was the first company to invent electric spring epilators. There are varieties of electric spring epilators. Here is the shortlist of Epilady electric spring epilators models

  • Epilady classic coil epilator
  • Epilady Ep-107 Coil Tweezer
  • Epilady esthetic epilator
  • Epilady Trio coil epilator

Rotating disc epilators type

Rotating disc epilator

Rotating disc epilator, this epilator type was invented by Remington after the Epilady spring epilator. The rotating or spinning disc epilator model is similar to the electric spring epilator. Instead of the spring coil in the electric spring epilator, there are tiny metal plates or discs on the epilator head which grabs a bunch of hairs and pulls out the hair from the skin surface. These metal plates have a protective plastic casing. Rotating disc type epilators are available in both cordless and corded models.

Tweezer type epilator

Tweezer type epilator

Tweezer type epilator is nothing but an advanced version of the rotating disc epilator type. Unlike rotating disc type epilator, the tweezer-type epilator head has a series of metal plates that act as tweezers while rotating. In other words, when the epilator head rotates the tips of the metal plates move together and tweeze the hair from the skin surface.

There are many varieties of tweezer type epilator models available. Here is a small list of some tweezer type epilator models.

  • Philips BRE200/00 Satinelle corded Essential Epilator
  • Braun Silk Epil 1/1170 Epilator
  • Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator with 6 Extras
  • Philips BRE201/00 Satinelle Essential Epilator
  • Epilady EP-810-44 Speed Corded Epilator
  • Emjoi eRase e6 Facial Hair Remover and Epilator - AP-9T

The more the number of tweezers in the epilator more effective the epilator is. Tweezer epilators can have a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 72 tweezers. The price is directly proportional to the number of tweezers in the epilator.

All the three types of epilators have many advanced features like wet type- you can use this epilator in shower or bath tube, corded or cordless, speed setting levels - 1-3 settings, inbuilt light, attachments - for sensitive areas, protective caps- for less pain. For facial hair, the manual spring epilator is best suitable, whereas for thighs arms and legs both rotating disc and tweezer type epilators are suitable.

While choosing tweezer type epilator to consider two things. First, the number of tweezers - more the number of tweezers in it then more the skin area is epilated in less time and. Second, the attachment heads - narrow head attachment is best suitable for underarms and bikini area.

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