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How to select energy efficient refrigerator

Efficiency of refrigerator is most discussed issue in household as refrigerator is the appliance which runs all day, 365 days. So better energy efficient refrigerator will benefit long term considering the monthly electricity saving. So the first question is how the efficiency of refrigerator is calculated. Clear picture on this will help us to choose the most energy efficient refrigerator.

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Always buy high star rated refrigerators

The most energy efficient refrigerator is with the highest number of star rated refrigerators. Five star rated refrigerator are most energy efficient refrigerators. To achieve low energy consumption always prefer 5 star rated refrigerators. Usually 5 star rated refrigerators are tends to be costlier, in that case you can choose 4 star rated refrigerators. But remember 5 star rated refrigerators are best to save electricity bills. Please see while purchasing in stores sales boys may pursue to choose 4 star rated refrigerators saying that they were five star rated refrigerators last year. But it is always best to take latest 5 star rated ones are they tends to be very efficient as mentioned above ratings gets changed frequently.

Replace old refrigerators with five star rated refrigerators

As with the age refrigerators tends to consume more power. 10 years old refrigerators definitely needs to be replaced as they consume more power. Apart from 10 years back five star rated refrigerators are now rated as 2 star or 3 star rated refrigerators. Read more on refrigerator energy consumption old vs new article for more information.

Avoid triple door refrigerators

Please see triple door refrigerators are not given BEE star ratings. The triple door capacity refrigerators are available in double door refrigerators. So on the basis of energy efficiency aspect strictly avoid triple door refrigerators. The reasoning is same for side-by-side refrigerators. Side-by-side refrigerators capacity is very large and meant for big families and there is no same capacity alternatives in double door refrigerators. So in that case having side-by-side doors makes sense.

Energy efficient single door refrigerators

  • Videocon VCL093 Single Door 80 Litres Refrigerator
  • Electrolux EC090P 80 L Single Door Refrigerator
  • LG GL-B205KSLN 190 L Single Door Refrigerator
  • LG GL-B205KMLN 190 L Single Door Refrigerator
  • Samsung RR19H1414SA/TL 192 L Single Door Refrigerator
  • Haier HRD-2156BS-H 195 L Single Door Refrigerator

Energy efficient double door Refrigerators

  • LG GL-M302RPZL 285 L Double Door Refrigerator
  • Samsung RT27JARYESA/TL 253 L Double Door Refrigerator
  • LG GL-D292JGFL 258 L Double Door Refrigerator
  • LG GL-M302RPZL 285 L Double Door Refrigerator
  • Samsung RT33JSRYESA/TL 321 L Double Door Refrigerator
  • LG GL-D292JGFL 258 L Double Door Refrigerator
  • LG GL-M522GNSL 470 L Double Door Refrigerator
  • Samsung RT39HDAGESL 393 Ltrs Double-door Refrigerator
  • LG GL-M472GPHM(BW) 420 L Double Door Refrigerator

Is Inverter technology the new champion?

Inverter refrigerators are new models in the market. Inverter refrigerators operate on variable capacity load. What exactly it means? Heart of the refrigerator is its compressor, it is like cooling engine of refrigerator. The normal refrigerator operates on fixed efficiency or engine capacity. When the refrigerator is empty - without food or in the winter very limited cooling is required. But normal refrigerator still works on full engine capacity. Well you can clearly see the energy loss.

Contrary to this, inverter refrigerator have variable capacity compressor or engine. It is like elastic rubber. Depending on the load, engine capacity varies. So in winter or when the fridge is empty the compressor operates at very low capacity and hence saves the energy. In summer the compressor operates at high capacity.

5 star rated refrigerators vs Inverter refrigerators

  • Yes, due to this very nature of variable speed compressor, inverter refrigerators are not given the BEE star ratings. This is the major con of inverter refrigerator. Please see BEE star ratings are based on annual power consumption of refrigerator, and NOT on the compressor efficiency.

  • The power consumption depends on compressor, cooling liquid HFC (Hydro Fluoro Carbon) efficiency, energy loss in the transmission of cooling liquid, materials used for making of the shelfs and the ergonomics of how refrigerator inside compartments are organized.

  • On the basis of compressor efficiency inverter refrigerators triumph over five star rated refrigerators. But it does not mean inverter refrigerators consume less power compared to five star rated refrigerators. What If the inverter refrigerator have used non-efficient cooling liquids? It will be never captured as there are no BEE star ratings. It is major factor as you pay high amount for inverter refrigerators compared to 5 star rated one. So which one is better five star rated or inverter fridges we cannot really tell as we do not have the right numbers.

  • By seeing this new trends of inverter technology BEE is bringing new methods of ratings on which even inverter refrigerators can also be rated. Read more at Hindu news paper. The BEE ratings will be called as Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ISEER). Manufacturers can voluntarily adopt to this model but these ratings are strictly enforced from January 2018. Till then I guess we have can only speculate which one is better.

Feature 5 star refrigerator Inverter refrigerator
Price Less, price starts from Rs. 15,000 Very high, price starts from Rs. 40,000
Compressor efficiency Less High
Compressor speed Fixed Variable
Compressor auto shutdown Yes, compressor switch off and switch on No
Noise level More noise Less noises
Starting up Consumes very high power when you start the refrigerator Consumes very less power when you start the refrigerator.
BEE star ratings 5 star Not given
Cooling liquid and cooling distribution efficiency Very efficient Not known, depends on manufacturer and model.

Best Inverter refrigerators

  • LG Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (REF D-372 RSHM, Nobel Steel)
  • Samsung 826 L Frost Free French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator
  • Samsung 654 L Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator
  • Hitachi 510 L Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator
  • Hitachi 456 L Frost Free French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator

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