single door refrigerator vs double door refrigerator
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Single door refrigerator vs double door refrigerator

When you decide to buy new refrigerator, one of the important decision factor is whether to buy single door or double door refrigerator. Let's compare both the refrigerator models side by side and decide easily. Try our refrigerator selector to choose right refrigerator by answering simple questions without reading any buying guide.

Quick Comparison of Single door vs Double door refrigerator

Single door refrigerator Double door refrigerator
Number of doors Only one door for fridge and freezer Two doors, separate door for freezer
Refrigerator capacity 50 - 250 Liters 235 Liters to 495 Liters
Family size Best for small family of size 1 to 3 members Best for medium to large family of size 3 - 5 members
Power consumption Lower power consumption, and less electricity bill More power consumption, and high electricity bill. Around 30% to 40% higher
Freezer size Small size freezer Large size freezer
Floor space Occupies little area or surface Occupies more area or surface because of large surface.
Shelves space Less shelves space. Bigger vessels or beverage bottles can not be accommodated More shelves space. Bigger vessels or beverage bottles can be accommodated
Cleaning effort Need to clean the ice manually No manual cleaning, auto clean feature
Cooling technology Direct cool, with natural convection Frost free, with electric fans
Price Economical
price range:   6,000 -   20,000
price range:   20,000 -   55,000
Example Whirlpool 190 L 2 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator Samsung 253 L Double Door Refrigerator RT28A3453S8/HL

Single door vs double door refrigerator power consumption

Many readers of Zelect mailed us and asked about power consumption as people gets confused regarding whether will double door refrigerator increase the power consumption or decrease the power consumption. There is a reason for that confusion to occur. Let's investigate the reasons and facts in detail. The short answer is single door refrigerator consume less power.

First, double door refrigerator works in frost free mode, where electric fans are used to circulate cool air. Apart from that, double door refrigerator comes in large size of 235 to 295 liters capacity. This large size results in more power consumption. It requires around 30 to 40% more power or electricity.

One interesting fact is in the single door refrigerator to open a freezer, first you need to open the refrigerator main door and then freezer door. Because of frequent opening of door the whole fridge temperature goes up. It requires much electricity to cool down once again.

But the additional power consumed in double door refrigerator to cool down is very high compared to the extra power consumed in frequently opening of the main door of single door refrigerator(to open freezer door). Hence single door refrigerator consume less power and can save lot of electricity bill. Even old refrigerator consumes more energy than new refrigerator.

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