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Refrigerator capacity calculator

Refrigerator size is one the most critical decision factor on selecting the right model or refrigerator. The size mainly depends on the family size and family food habits, space available in home and budget. Once you have the clarity on the refrigerator size you can decide which model to choose.

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How to calculate refrigerator capacity?

Refrigerator capacity is often mentioned in two terms net capacity and gross capacity. Knowing the difference is must for right size refrigerator selection.

  • Gross capacity is the capacity of total refrigerator. The gross capacity is including the exterior walls as well. This is not the right indicator of inside space.
  • Net capacity is the actual capacity of inside fridge. Net capacity is the actual space to store the food. Net capacity is also called as storage volume. In the rest of article refered size means net capacity.

Fridge size based on family size

Family size Suggested capacity
Bachelors, 1 person 50 Liters - 80 Liters
Family size of 2 to 3 members 150 Liters - 250 Liters
Family size of 4 to 5 members 250 Liters - 330 Liters
Family size of 6 or more members 350 Liters - 490 Liters

The above table gives the better picture. For one person or bachelor 50 liters to 80 liters capacity is enough. Whereas for the family size of 2 to 3 members 150 liters to 250 liters is recommended. The size of 250 liters to 330 liters is suggested for the large family of size 4-5 members. For the very large family finding the right size refrigerator is quite difficult due to the limited availability of the refrigerator models present in the market. For the very large family size of 6 or more 350 liters to 490 liters size refrigerator is best choice. The above size recommendations are generic buy if your usage is very high due to your specific use cases you can always pick the refrigerator with little higher size.

Matching refrigerator models based on refrigerator size

Well once you have decided the size of refrigerator the next question is which model? There are many models like single door, double door, triple door and side by side model. Every model has some size limitations or you can say size ranges. So depending on family size you know the right size, and on the basis of size you can pick the right model too.

Refrigerator size Suggested models
50 Liters - 80 Liters Single door refrigerator
150 Liters - 250 Liters Single door, double door and triple door refrigerator
250 Liters - 330 Liters Double door, triple door refrigerator
350 Liters - 490 Liters Double door and side by side refrigerator

For 50 Liters - 80 Liters size refrigerator single door refrigerator is suggested. Single door, double door and triple door refrigerator recommended for 150 Liters to 250 Liters capacity refrigerator. For 250 Liters to 330 Liters size refrigerator double door, triple door refrigerator suits perfectly. On the contrary to our assumption large size fridges are available in double door than triple door refrigerators. You can see double door and side by side refrigerator are best suitable for 350 to 490 liters capacity.

Freezer size

One you know which model and capacity to choose the last decision is on freezer size. Say refrigerator size is 200 liters then freezer size can be 40 liters to 60 liters. If you are a non vegetarian then you many need high freezer space so to keep the frozen meat. The general formula is keep the ratio of 20:80 for freezer and remaining space for vegetarian. In case of non vegetarian 30:70 split is good.

Final checklist: Will the refrigerator fits in the kitchen?

Finally, make sure you have sufficient space available in kitchen or hall to place the kitchen. In case you have very small kitchen buying large size refrigerator can be problematic. While evaluating available size in your kitchen please do see refrigerator required extra half feet space on all sides for the proper ventilation and minimum of 4 feet space to open the fridge door.

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