refrigerator energy consumption old vs new
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Refrigerator energy consumption
old vs new

Many of us bought the refrigerator long back, few years back. But one surprising fact is that once the refrigerator gets older it consume more energy. Try our refrigerator selector to choose right refrigerator by answering simple questions without reading any buying guide.

Old refrigerator consume more power

  • 5 year old refrigerator consume 10% more power compared to when you bought. Example: Say you bought the refrigerator in 2010, and it consume the electricity of 1,000 KW of power, then in 2024 for the same usage it will consume 1,100 KW of power.
  • 10 year old refrigerator consume 20% more electricity compared to when you bought.
  • 30% of additional power consumed after 15 years.

Bureau of Energy Efficiency(BEE) rating have changed

bureau of energy efficiency

BEE is increasing the standards of energy efficiency, and so the manufacturers like LG. 2010 five star rating refrigerator is rated as four star in 2024 because of the changes in the star ratings.

So if you have old refrigerator, then consider it replacing with the new one with 5 star energy ratings. You can get the return on investment of additional money within few years. Apart from that we suggest to follow the best practices to save electricity. Please share your thoughts on this.

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