Refrigerator frost free vs direct cool
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Refrigerator frost free vs direct cool

Before you know the comparison of direct and frost free cooling technologies let’s first understand what are these technologies and pros and cons of each. Then you can decide which one suits you better.

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How direct cool refrigerators work?

direct cool refrigerator

The refrigeration requires cool air circulation inside the fridge compartments. In the direct cool circulation done naturally, without any external help. When it is done naturally, it causes uneven temperature distribution. This uneven distribution creates ice in the refrigerator. So you need to manually clean the ice by pressing a knob or button. Nowadays direct cool technology is limited to single door refrigerators only, even it consider as one of disadvantages of single door refrigerator.

what is direct cool refrigerator

How frost free refrigerators work?

In the frost free the whole ball game is different. As the name suggests there is no frost or ice. Because cool air is evenly circulated by electric fans (convection). When there is no ice, there is no need to clean it as well.

frost free refrigerator

Here is the quick comparison of the both these amazing technologies

Top ten differences between Direct cool and Frost free

Direct cool Frost free
Cool air circulation done by natural convection or fans Cooling is done by electric fans
Economical Costly (because of fans)
Consume less electricity Consume more electricity (because of fans)
Need to clean the ice manually Cleaning of ice is not required
This technology is available only in single door refrigerators. This technology is available only in double door, triple door, side by side door refrigerators.
Possible refrigerator capacity is 50 liters to 250 liters Possible refrigerator capacity is 50 liters to 200 liters to 650 liters
Good at keeping food item as fresh Best at keeping food item as fresh
Best for small family of 2-3 members because of capacity limitation Best for large and medium family
price range:   6,500 -   20,000
price range:   20,000 -   1,50,000

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