All about distilled water for inverter batteries
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All about distilled water for inverter batteries

Distilled water is essential for running the inverter batteries for the long term. The article discusses the importance of distilled water, how and when to replenish and where to get the distilled water in India.

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What is distilled water?

Distilled water is nothing but impurities free water at its purest form. It is so pure that there won’t be even ions in the water. Because of this nature distilled water has many applications including to replenish inverter batteries, car batteries, medical applications (like mixing it with medicine at the time of injection), in aquarium fish keeping, biological laboratories, aeroplane engines. The process of extracting the distilled water is simple and looks natural - boil the water, capture the condensing steam in the clean container. But it is a costly process to ensure the purity. So in many places deionized water is used as an alternative to distilled water. WHO mentioned that drinking distilled water do not add additional health benefits due to deficiency of minerals.

Why do we add distilled water in batteries?

Normal water contains ions in the water. If normal drinking water is poured in the batteries the ions clog at the electrodes, forming a layer and obstruct the chemical reactions which generate the current. If the drinking water has organic materials or dust particles it will hamper the chemical reactions badly. So it is always suggested to use distilled water which is ions free and ensure smooth operating of the batteries.

Why not use RO water as distilled water in batteries?

In some places like local vehicle repair stations people use RO water as distilled water as RO also removes all the impurities. But we strictly suggest not to do that. Due to recent research that RO removes all the essential minerals from drinking water the new water purifier manufacturers preserving the required minerals. Yes, because of this RO water is good for health, but at the same time it cannot be used as an alternative to the distilled water.

When to add distilled water to inverter battery

battery water level indicators

There is an inverter battery water level indicator on top of batteries. Check for the indicator. There are multiple indicators, if any of the indicator water levels drops below the threshold limits you need to replenish the water in that container. It is always good to have smartphone remainder at regular interval of time and keep checking it.

How to fill distilled water in inverter battery?

A picture is better than thousand words. Below video explains the process very easily. Watch to learn more.

Where to get distilled water for batteries in India?

Enough said about distilled water, the next question is from where to get the distilled water? We are listing below few possible options. Please feel free to add additional information that you have found based on your experience while buying in India in the comments section.

  • Petrol filling stations or petrol pumps are the most common place you can find the distilled water. It is always to get the distilled water for reputable petrol filling station to avoid the risk of adulterated or impure distilled water. Make sure the bottle you get the distilled water is clean and sealed is closed. Distilled water costs less from litre Rs. 20 to Rs.50 depending on the place you buy.
  • Battery selling shops. The vendors who sell the batteries also sell distilled water. You can try there as well.
  • Car servicing stations also keep the distilled water to refill car batteries and other internal testing purposes.
  • Pharmacists do have distilled water as it is mixed with injection medicine to make the medicine more diluted. The core purpose is medical so it is available in very small quantities like 10ml. You can try for large quantity as well. The quality is ensured high but to fill the battery you need multiple litres of distilled water making it super expensive. So better to avoid this option.

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