Simple tricks to get Inverter battery cheap
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Simple tricks to get Inverter battery cheap

Inverter battery prices are increasing day by day in the market. This guide will help you on how to buy the power inverter battery at the cheap price.

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You can exchange the old battery

This particular situation happened with me. I have replaced my old battery and ordered through telephone from the same old vendor. After installing the technician mentioned that I can sell back the old battery and it is used as scrap. For exchanging the old battery I will get 500 Rs discount. So I got Rs. 8,000 battery for Rs. 7,500. It was great. But later I came to know that I would have got easily Rs, 1,000 discount. The general buy back price for an old battery is around 10 to 20% new battery price. So before you negotiate the price based on the exchange of old battery.

Know about shipping and installation cost

While enquiring the battery cost clearly ask for the shipping cost and installation cost. If you already have inverter then you need to unplug the old battery and install a new battery. In my case, one specific dealer was offering the battery for dead cheap like Rs. 7,000. Later at the time of installation, he charged separately for installation and shipping. It is always better to ask beforehand. In case you are buying directly from the distributor, the installation and transportation are not provided. You can figure out the local technician for installation.

Negotiate the price with dealer

The price is not fixed. Many batteries price is even not mentioned on the manufacturer's site. Dealers offer the variable discount. You can fully negotiate the price. While negotiating the price make sure you talk about exchanging the old battery, transportation or shipping cost, and installation cost as well.

Buy directly from the distributor

The supply chain of batteries is like this Manufacturer -> Distributor -> Dealer -> Customer. You can directly buy from the distributor for dead cheap. But the distributors do not provide transportation and do not facilitate installation. You need to look for a local technician to do that. All the inverter battery distributors located in one part of the city so you may travel to the centre part of the city to buy. If you have a car you can save much on transportation cost. Buying directly from the distributor will help to reduce the price for costly batteries. For inverter, batteries of cost Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000 you can save up to Rs. 5,000. But for basic models under Rs. 10,000 the utmost savings will be around Rs. 500 for so much extra effort. Gujarathi Galli is such well-known place in Hyderabad for battery distributors place. Figure Out such places in your city as well. Please do pass the locations in the comments sections so that it will be helpful to others as well.

Inverter battery price

Here is the comprehensive list of battery prices based on capacity.

Battery type Battery capacity Approximate price
Flat plate 135 Ah Rs. 9,700
Flat plate 150 Ah Rs. 10,200
Tubular 120 Ah Rs. 8,800
Tubular 150 Ah Rs. 11,200
Tubular 160 Ah Rs. 14,000
Tubular 180 Ah Rs. 16,000
Tubular 200 Ah Rs. 17,000
Tubular 220 Ah Rs. 17,500
Maintenance free 100 Ah Rs. 11, 000
Maintenance free 200 Ah Rs. 19,000

Maintain well the Inverter battery

Regularly fill the distilled water by putting reminders, make sure the "inverter battery water level indicators" are always up. Apply grease to avoid corrosion on battery terminals. We detailed discuss on this topic in another article. If you can increase the lifetime of battery that is also one type of saving.

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