Square wave inverter vs Sine wave inverter, India, 2024
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Square wave inverter vs Sine wave inverter, India, 2024

Once you decide to take Inverter the first question you are being asked is do you want to take sine wave inverter or Square wave inverter. In this article we clarify all the myths and present the facts.

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The inverter converts battery DC electricity to AC electricity. DC signal looks like a unidirectional straight line and AC signal looks like waves of ocean. DC wave cannot travel long so all our home electricity is supplied in AC manner.

But the battery stores the power as DC, the inverter converts this DC current to some what similar to AC current. Depending on the inverter circuit, either inverter converts the DC current to Sine wave AC current or Square wave AC current

square wave vs sine wave inverter

Sine wave inverter output is very close to the AC current. It is very pure form compared to Square wave output. Many devices gets heated up if you use on Square wave inverter and make humming noise too. Because of this reason square wave inverters in few European countries is banned.

Feature Square wave inverter Sine wave inverter
Supported appliances Motors Computers, laptops, refrigerators, ovens
Noise level High, creates humming noise in inverter as well as in appliances Normal
Safety of appliances Less High
Price Economical High
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Inverter wave type Features
Square wave
  • Safety of appliances: Less
  • Noise level: High, creates humming noise in inverter as well as in appliances
  • Supported appliances: Motors
  • Price: Economical
Sine Wave
  • Safety of appliances: High
  • Noise level: Normal
  • Supported appliances: Computers, laptops, refrigerators, ovens
  • Price: Little expensive

Apart from that there is another type called modified sine wave inverter. It is not better as sine wave, but little better than square wave, and little cheaper than sine wave. In some sense it is positioned between sine wave and square wave. In fact, the number of models in India for modified square wave also less. We suggest not to got for modified square wave. If money is not a concern it is always better to go for sine wave inverter.

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