Hidden secrets of Inverter battery warranty
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Hidden secrets of Inverter battery warranty

It is always to travel with spare tire, so as the warranty. Warranty is the important thing for all the home appliances and most critical feature to look for while buying the inverter battery. In this guide, we explore the secrets of power inverter battery warranty secrets.

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Inverter batteries get damaged easily

The simple answer is batteries prone damages easily. Flat plate battery life is around 3 years and Tubular battery lifespan is around 3 to 5 years. Within those three years still, it can get damaged very easily. Usually, our first home appliances are the refrigerator, washing machines, AC and coolers, which tend to long last without major complaints. Because of this people underestimate the importance of warranty. Due to the very nature of battery repairs, it is always good to have the longer warranty. This is why the warranty is important for Inverter battery.

Repairing the inverter battery is very difficult

It is very difficult to repair a battery because of electrodes and electrolytes. Even to disassemble the battery utmost safety is required as batteries can explode during that process. Because of this nature inverter, batteries are considered hazmat products. Even you plan to repair the cost of repair so high that you can buy new battery by adding few more bucks. The only minor repairs that can be fixed are water topping problems, minor leakage or water leakage, corrosion to socket plugs.

Warranty vs Replacement warranty

Warranty is different from replacement warranty. In fact, replacement warranty is referred as guarantee sometimes. In general ‘warranty of 2 years’ means, any repairs under 2 years are freely done. ‘Replacement warranty of 2 years’ meaning along with repairs battery is replaced freely as well. So the most important thing to look for the warranty is the replacement of the battery.

Repair Replacement
Replacement warranty

Similar specification batteries price differ based on warranty

Two similar batteries with similar specifications, similar brand, similar capacity can have different pricing based on the warranty duration. For example Luminous EC 18036 I 150Ah Tubular Battery comes with 3 years replacement warranty and the price is around Rs. 14,000 whereas Luminous RC 18000 I 150Ah Tubular Battery comes around Rs.11,200 with 2 years replacement warranty. In most of the cases, the reason for the high price just because of the warranty is not for better spare parts, but it is like you are paying the insurance premium for extended battery lifetime.

Exide battery warranty

For Exide batteries, you need to register the battery at Exide website and go paperless. Exide has beautifully formulated their warranty terms and conditions on Exide website. Read more Flat plate battery Exide warranty terms and conditions of Exide flat plate batteries. Similarly, you can read Tubular battery terms and conditions as well. Please search for ‘replacement’ term on the website. The terms say “the right to determine whether a battery needs repair or total replacement lies with the company”. So Exide does not specifically give replacement warranty or guarantee.

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