How to select an Embroidery Machine in India
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How to select an Embroidery Machine in India

Generally, Sewing Machines are categorized based on their functionality, and they have also been categorized depending on their features like sewing, quilting and embroidery.

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Patterns of embroidery

Embroidering is a stitch where you fill the design pattern with different colors of threads. The presser foot used for embroidery is completely different, many electronic sewing machines comes with option for replacement of inbuilt presser foot according to the required sewing you need, like embroidery presser foot for embroidering, pico presser foot for pico, hemming presser foot for hemming, and many other varieties. This feature makes the electronic sewing machines more effective and functional.

different types of sewing machine pressure foot

Embroidery is a significant part of Indian fashion. India has an incredible history in handicrafts and embroidery is one of the special handicrafts. We are found of distinct varieties of embroideries, many people are interested in designing different types of embroideries, some design with hands some design using machines. Different regions have different type of embroidery styles like chikankari in Uttar Pradesh, Kashmiri embroidery in Kashmir, Kantha embroidery in west Bengal, Phulkari in Punjab, Banjara Embroidery in Andhra Pradesh & Madhya Pradesh and many more. Embroidery has always been Indians choice. Nowadays there is a trend of ethnic fashion, and also many are getting addicted to DIY (Do It Yourself) trend. Generally, traditional embroidery is designed by hands, but now we have many types of modern sewing machines for different types of embroidering patterns and there is also a huge demand for Embroidery Machines.

embroidery patterns designs.jpg

Embroidery Machine for Beginners

For designing Embroidery, beginners need to know the basics of sewing techniques, people who have hands on sewing can easily learn embroidery. Basically, embroidering machines are of different models based on different features. The basic embroidery machine is a zigzag machine, suitable for beginners and zigzag machines are good choice for naïve people who want to learn both sewing and embroidering, this is also a budget machine for your home.

Embroidering is not easy for beginners, unless you have experience of simple stitching or are familiar with simple sewing basics. In Embroidering the fabric is to be moved in different directions manually, the design on your fabric should be adjusted according to the movement of the needle. The color of the thread is to be changed according to your project. Thread tension is to be adjusted according to the type of embroidery stitch you need to loose or tight.

If beginners want to learn embroidering, then they can learn embroidery on the basic zigzag machine, this may help in saving your time and getting hands on sewing.

Embroidery machine for skilled people

Electronic sewing machines are best for embroidery. These machines are best suitable for embroidering for household and tailoring. Electronic sewing machines can be used for both simple sewing and also for embroidering with feasibility of designing of different varieties of patterns. These machines come with different modes of sewing, where the default stitching presser foot can be replaced with different types of other presser foots you need according to the stitch pattern. Electronic sewing machines are easy to control and manage.

Some latest electronic sewing machine models have an LCD screen, USB port connectivity feature, where the required embroidery design is being loaded on the USB and connected and designed by the machine automatically.

Household embroidery machines are distinct from embroidery machines used in garment industries. Industry embroidery machines are very fast and large machines, used for designing on a large scale in less time, generally these machines are computerized.

electronic embroidery machine

Computerized embroidery machines are expensive in comparison of mechanical and electronic sewing machines, maintenance of electronic embroidery sewing machine is similar to other electronic sewing machines. Embroidery sewing machines are less expensive when compared with simple electronic sewing machines. People who don't use sewing machines on a regular basis or don't need all these advanced features better buy a mechanical sewing machine. Electronic sewing machines are good choice for professionals/ tailors and expertise people.

Embroidery machine for professionals/small scale Industries

Computerized embroidery sewing machines are a good for designing huge varieties of embroidery pattern, and these machines are adopted for designing/clothing on large scale purposes within less time. These machines are best suitable for sewing professionals, designers and small textiles- garment designing industries. These machines have an LED/LCD screen with huge varieties of pattern selection options. These machines are meant for industries, these are large size machines with high speed and excellent efficiency.

Computerized Sewing Machines are high technology sewing machines which can be connected to the internet, computer or design loaded cards and USB devices. These machines are best suitable for industrial purpose. These sewing machines have Inbuilt stitches with a capacity of minimum of 50 and maximum of 200.

Many features are displayed on the LCD screen from which user just selects the pattern of design he/she wants and the machine designs the particular pattern automatically. The position of the fabrics is manually adjusted by the users, according to the machine's needle pointing position.

These machines are heavy-duty machines; any type of fabric can be handled. Any pattern can be downloaded from the internet and can be designed and also patterns with, you can be designed through the connecting machine with computer or chips.

embroidery machine for industry

Points to be consider while selecting an Embroidery Machine

  1. Skill level
  2. Beginners better choose zig zag machine for basic embroidering. Whereas professional or skilled level people choose electronic sewing machine model which have embroidering feature with varieties of patterns. And computerized sewing machines are better for industrial purpose.

  3. Brand and quality of the machine model
  4. Brand and quality of the machine you choose are the most important thing before you buy a sewing machine. Good quality machines run effectively and efficiently. Investing money for a better quality of machine is better than spending money for regular repairing.

  5. Utilization /purpose of buying
  6. Always remember the purpose and the usage of the machine you want to buy matters a lot, because investing money in an expensive computerized or heavy duty electronic sewing machine is not a good idea, better you choose machine looking for your skill level and purpose of buying it.

  7. Required features within the model of machine
  8. Have a clear look at the features the model provides, better you equate the required features with the sewing machine you choose. Features like, more inbuilt stitch capacity, pedal control, LCD/LED screen, stitch length and width adjustment, auto needle threader, auto cutter, buttonhole stitch, feed dog adjustment, top-loading bobbin drop, throat width, twin needle feature, free arm and compact size.

  9. Price and budget of the machine
  10. Price is also important, better you choose a machine with the required features only, don't go for advance features when they are not required for you. Basic machines are budget machines, but have very less features, whereas electronic sewing machine is best, but expensive. And the computerized sewing machines are too expensive with many advance features.

  11. Weight and size of the machine
  12. Generally, latest sewing machines are of compact size. Compact size sewing machines are easily portable.

  13. Warranty on the machine
  14. Warranty on the sewing machines is important as this machine need technicians for any minor repairs, mostly electronic and computerized sewing machines are automatic machines and this may cost you. Long time warranty may provide you free service for any repairs. however, many service centers are available in India.

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