Mini Sewing Machine for Beginners
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Mini Sewing Machine for Beginners

Mini sewing machines are small and compact machines, generally this machine runs on batteries and some models uses electricity. These are very inexpensive sewing machines best suitable for beginners, easy to use and easy to handle.

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Mini sewing machines are the best option for learners and kids, these machines are easy portable and lightweight such that you can carry anywhere. These sewing machines are of different sizes and different varieties like hand held sewing machine, very small and compact sewing machine. Basically, this mini sewing machine is less durable machines.

These machines have limited features when compared with today's latest model sewing machines. These are meant to sew only single straight stitch pattern, some have few other decorative stitch patterns, these machines are capable of about 80 spm (stitches per minute) speed, and is also capable of free arm, option for auto sewing mode or foot pedal.

These machines are not durable machines. Comparatively these are inexpensive machines with very less features for sewing and a best budget machine for household purpose of altering your old clothes, repairing your clothes and also useful for few other decorative patterns on lightweight fabrics.

Generally, these machines are not manufactured by bigger brands, these are local sewing machines made by local manufacturers. Very few machines are manufactured by some good brands. These machines are motorized machines with very less speed and low efficiency and low quality of the plastic.

Do not get confused, mini sewing machines discussed here are hand held stapler sewing machine and small size simple sewing machine as shown in the below images.

Hand held sewing machines

Mini portable sewing machine

How Does Mini Sewing Machines work?

Working of mini sewing machines and hand held sewing machines are very simple and somewhat similar to mechanical sewing machines. The accessories of this sewing machine are a single needle, bobbin case, thread spool, motor, battery, foot pedal for a mini sewing machine. For complete functionality of mini sewing machine, watch the video below.

Mini Sewing Machines Online

Mini sewing machines are available on many ecommerce websites, generally these machines are available at Teleshopping sites. Many varieties of mini sewing machines manufactured by different local companies are available online.

Mini Sewing Machine Pros and Cons


  • Mini sewing machines are small and compact machines
  • Best suitable for beginners and kids
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and easily portable, handy stapler sewing machine can fit in your handbag very easily
  • Less expensive


  • Less features
  • Low speed
  • Less inbuilt stitch capacity
  • No automatic features
  • Not suitable for thick fabric sewing
  • Not suitable for different decorative stitch patterns
  • Made of low quality
  • Less durable, less feasible and less warranty period

Mini Sewing machine accessories

Mini sewing machines accessory is similar to mechanical sewing machines, needle, bobbin case, thread tension adjustment, thread spool, motor, pedal foot, connector, etc.

Mini Sewing machine reviews India

In India, many different models of mini sewing machines are available - handy stapler model sewing machine is an inexpensive machine with basic feature of straight stitch, very slow and need lots of manual effort. Mini sewing machines are made of low quality, such that they cannot be used for a long time, many manufacturing defects are found in these machines. the low quality plastic of the machine may broke on few uses only.

I have an experience of these types of machines, received a machine with a manufacturing defect. There was no place for bobbin case in it.

Best mini Sewing machine online India

Here is the list of some best mini sewing machines available online in India.
  1. Gopani Cordless Electric mini Sewing Handheld Machine
  2. Xhaiden® Portable Ami Mini Hand Sewing Machine Stapler Model
  3. Ruby 4 In 1 compact Mini Sewing Machine
  4. Chillaxplus Portable 4 in 1 mini sewing machine
  5. Reglox 4in1 Portable & Compact Electric Mini Sewing Machine
  6. Isabella Mini Desktop Multi functional Electric Sewing Machine
  7. Jhmart Mini Desktop Multi functional Electric Sewing Machine
  8. Buyerzone Cordless Electric mini Sewing Machine Handheld Handy Stitch Machine

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