Types of Sewing Machines in India
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Types of Sewing Machines in India

Generally, I feel sewing machines are essential tool, which should be available in every home. Sewing can be easily learned and knowing the basic of sewing is also enough to use sewing machines for fixing your loose or tight clothes, fixing buttons, etc. Latest model sewing machines are the combination of many advanced features and are also easy to operate.

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Basically, Sewing Machines are categorized based on their functionality, and they have also been categorized depending on their features like sewing, quilting and embroidery. Sewing Machines can be categorized into five types:

  1. Mechanical Sewing Machine
  2. Electronic Sewing Machine
  3. Computerized or Automated Sewing Machine
  4. Embroidery Machine
  5. Overlock Sewing Machine or serger

Mechanical/Domestic Sewing Machines

Let’s get into Mechanical sewing machines, these machines are also called as manual machines/tailoring machine/treadle sewing machine/domestic sewing machines where the basic settings are done manually by the user. These machines are best suitable for the beginners who want to learn sewing from basics. These are simple “silai machine” (sewing machine) with very few features, inexpensive and also easily repairable. These sewing machines have affordable prices when compared with computerized and electronic sewing machines. Looking into its features – it has a built in presser feet, adjustable stitch length, bottom loading Bobbin, adjustable Tension, single (straight and reverse) stitch. Many of the latest model machines have more than one inbuilt stitch pattern. Mechanical sewing machines are not suitable for sewing thick fabrics like denim and leather. One thing of these sewing machines that irritates beginners is threading of the needle again and again. Treadle and hand operated machines have only one straight and forward inbuilt stitch capability.

treadle sewing machine and hand operated sewing machine

The sewing machine’s body type depends on the model and its manufacturing company. Mostly they are made of aluminum body (mostly in black color). This domestic old model sewing machine can be stand based or table based. Old model treadle (lever operated by foot) sewing machines or handle based machines runs on human efforts. However, nowadays these efforts are being replaced by an electric pedal motors. The treadle sewing machines take more space and not easily movable.

sewing machine electric pedal motor

Some latest mechanical sewing machines have been designed with few advanced features and also a small LED screen to select stitch pattern. Comparatively, these mechanical sewing machines are easy to handle, as these machines don’t need any user's experience in sewing, best for learners and household purpose tailoring. Efficient for simple stitching and cannot be used for the other decorative crafting purpose like embroidery, etc. Domestic sewing machine prices in India: Rs.2500/- to Rs.15000/-

Electronic Sewing Machine

Now coming to the next level of a sewing machine - “Electronic Sewing Machine”. Electronic sewing machines have more features than a mechanical sewing machine. These sewing machines are the combination of mechanical sewing machine and computerized sewing machine. Basically at present, we Indians are getting crazy about DIY (Do It Yourself) and these electronic sewing machines are very useful for DIY -decorative crafting.

Electronic sewing machines with different inbuilt stitches

Generally, electronic sewing machines provide varieties of features. These machines are for expertise sewing. And sewing professionals can effortlessly use these machines. These are free arm and motorized machines with light weight, compact size and also some models have an LCD screen to choose the patterns accordingly. For instance, Usha Janome Dream Sewing Machine is one of the best in-budget electric sewing machines with a lot of advanced features.

Coming into its features, electronic sewing machines are useful for - good quality of stitching, minimum of 7 in-built stitch capability, embroidering, hemming, blind stitch, button-hole stitch, hemming zip fixing, smocking, reverse - stitch lever, stretch stitching, quilting, built in needle threader, top loading drop in bobbin, auto tripping bobbin, automatic thread cutter, twin needle compatibility, adjustable stitch length and width, adjustable presser foot, adjustable needle positioning, attachment option for other features.

Warranty for electronic sewing machines matters a lot, as these machines need a technicians for repairs unlike mechanical sewing machines. Depending on the model, some uses electricity and some uses battery. Heavy duty machines generally use electricity.

These machines are expensive in comparison of mechanical sewing machines, maintaining these machines is also less expensive. People who don’t sew regularly or don’t need all these features better buy a mechanical sewing machine. Electronic sewing machines are a good choice for professionals/ tailors and expertise people.

These machines can be carried easily. Price of electronic sewing machines in India ranges between Rs.6000/- to Rs. 25000/-. Mechanical and electronic sewing machines can be easily handled, that’s why these are well suitable for beginners. For more information, read our post sewing machines for beginners

Computerized Sewing Machines

Computerized Sewing Machines are high technology sewing machines which can be connected to the internet, computer or design loaded cards. These machines are best suitable for industrial purpose. These sewing machines have inbuilt stitches capacity of a minimum of 50 and maximum of 200.

Computerized sewing machines are big size machines with multiple needles and multiple spool spinners for different color of thread spools for embroidering, sewing, quilting, smocking and many more crafting. These machines work very fast and these are heavy duty machines more efficient and fast.

These machines are mostly used for industrial purposes, large scale fabrics are designed within very less time. This type of sewing machine will have a special feature called Autopilot stitching mode – where machine automatically controls the speed (number of stitches per minute), thread tension and stitch strength.

Brother SE400 computerized machine

Singer quantum stylist 9960 computerized machine

Focusing towards pros and cons of computerized sewing machines-

  • Computerized sewing machines are best suitable for small textile industries where garments are designed and also for skilled persons who sew regularly and have their hands on varieties of sewing patterns and techniques.
  • These machines are heavy-duty machines; any type of fabric can be handled.
  • Any pattern can be downloaded from the internet and can be designed and also patterns with, you can be designed through the connecting machine with computer or chips.
  • Expensive, prices vary according to features the particular model provides.
  • Needs an instructor to know how to use it, generally the manufacture company of these machines provides your complete guide/Instruction DVD or tutorial about the features and how to use it?
  • Technical issues like connectivity problems, loading of data and errors cannot be easily corrected.

Computerized sewing machine price in India ranges from Rs.25000/- to Rs. 100000/-

Embroidery sewing machines

Embroidery machines are meant for designing different patterns of embroidery on the fabric. Mostly electronic sewing machines can be used for embroidering; an embroidering presser foot can be attached to the machine.

Beginners better choose a zigzag machine for basic embroidering. Whereas professional or skilled level people choose electronic sewing machine model which have embroidering feature with varieties of patterns. Many varieties of computerized embroidering machines are available for industrial purpose.

These machines are expensive in comparison of mechanical sewing machines, maintaining these machines is also less expensive. People who don’t sew regularly or don’t need all these features better buy a mechanical sewing machine. Electronic sewing machines are the best choice for professionals/ tailors and expertise people.

Computerized embroidering machines

Price of electronic sewing machines in India ranges between Rs.8000/- to Rs. 80000/-.

Overlocker Sewing Machine or Serger

Overlock Sewing Machines are also known as Sergers they are named differently by different countries, in India we call these machines as overlocks sewing machines. These machines are used to seam or overlock the fabric. In simple words these machines are for joining or sewing the edges of the fabric together (edging single fabric also), these machines are used by professionals or tailors, generally to give the finishing look for the garments. Garment industries use this machine for edging the fabrics like edging napkins, elastic Hemming or elastic seaming in lingerie designing, edging curtains, overlocking on pillow covers and many more decorative crafting.

Overlocker has inbuilt cutter, a blade to cut the uneven edges of the fabric while edging the garment or textile. Basically, overlock machines make loops of stitch over the edge of the fabric. Overlocker stitch patterns depend on number thread it uses single threaded overlock stitch, 2 threaded overlock stitch, 3 thread overlock stitch, 4 threaded overlock stitch and 5 threaded overlock stitch. Single threaded overlock stitch is very weak loop and the number of threads used to edge more strong the loop is. The width and length of the stitch can be adjusted by the user choice.

sewing machine stitch pattern

sewing machine stitch pattern for edges

In India, most Tailors use this 2 threaded or 3 threaded overlock stitch pattern for edging the inner fabric of the blouses or Salwar Kameez and for sewing decorative crafts like laces. Prices of Overlocker vary with the capacity of the thread stitch it can provide. Single threaded overlockers are less expensive when compared with other 4 or 5 thread stitch overlocker.

Generally overlockers are used in textile or garment industry, these machines are very fast and time saving machines. Price of overlockers in India ranges from Rs.3000/- to Rs. 50,000/-

Difference between sewing machines

Mechanical sewing machines are best suitable machines for beginners, and these machines are inexpensive. Even treadle and hand operated machine can also be converted to motorized machine by connecting to the motor. Below is the list of some best reviewed sewing machines in India:

Best Mechanical sewing machine in India

  • Singer Start 1306 Sewing Machine
  • Singer Promise 1408 SEWING Machine
  • Singer 3229 Simple Sewing Machine
  • Brother LS 2000 Sewing Machine
  • Usha International Prime Sewing Machine
  • Singer Tailor Deluxe Manual Sewing Machine

Best electronic sewing machine in India

  • Brother GS-2700 Electric Sewing Machine
  • Brother GS-3700 Electric Sewing Machine
  • Usha Janome Allure Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine
  • Singer Brilliance 6180 Sewing Machine
  • Usha Janome Automatic Stitch Magic 85-Watt Sewing Machine

Best Computerized Sewing Machine in India

  • Usha Janome Dream Maker 120 35-Watt Computerized Sewing Machine
  • Brother FS 101 Computerised Sewing Machine
  • Brother INNOV-IS 55P Computerized Sewing Machine
  • Juki HZL-K85 Computer-Controlled Household Sewing Machine
  • Singer 9980 Quantum Stylist 820-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

Best Embroidery Machine for Beginners

  • Singer Curvy 8770 Embroidery Sewing Machine
  • USHA Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag
  • Singer Computerized Embroidery Sewing Machine
  • Brother CS6000i
  • Husqvarna Viking Class H E20 embroidery machine

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