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Best robotic vacuum cleaner in India

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners feels like a science fiction movie like Wall-E. We were shocked they are really exist for commercial household use. Contrary to our assumption of skyrocketing cost they are affordable. Let’s explore how to select the best robotic vacuum cleaner. Try our Vacuum Cleaner Selector to choose right Vacuum Cleaner by answering simple questions without reading any buying guide.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner buying guide

Before choosing the best robotic vacuum cleaner you should have understaind on the factors like filter types, dust bin size, corner cleaning effectiveness, sensors, noise, top brands which helps in choosing the best robotic floor cleaner

To whom Robotic Vacuum Cleaners are intended

In short, working people and small home owners. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners are not efficient for large home cleaning. They are just good for small and medium size homes. The large room makes the mapping and guiding system of robot very difficult, hence they are not good at covering the large area. Apart from that large room cleaners require large dust bin size and better battery making it very expensive.

For working people who don’t have enough time to clean Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a boon. You can schedule the robotic vacuum cleaner while going to office and when you return home .. ta da your home is cleaned.

What you cannot expect from Robotic Floor Cleaners

Well there are few major issues with using robotic vacuum cleaners.

  • First and most important, robotic vacuum cleaners cannot clean stairs.

  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaners are expensive compared to other models like canisters, upright, hand held.

  • Cleaning of Robotic Vacuum Cleaners is not up to the level of normal vacuum cleaners like canister.

  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaners perform best on hard floors and perform average on soft floors and carpets.

  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaners struck up in the clutter of wires and threads if any. So you need to move them before starting the cleaning.

  • They require weekly maintenances and you need to clean the dust bin. Of course we cannot expect everything to be automated.
While selecting robotic vacuum cleaners you need to decide on few factors like filter types, dust bin size, corner cleaning quality, mapping system, noise, sensors, battery power.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners with filter types

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) is type air filter that removes 99.97% dust particles of size 0.3-micron particle from the air that passes. If you are suffering from asthma or any breathing problem, HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner for you. Milagrow SilverFox 21 Dry & Wet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is one of such cleaner with HEPA filter.

Dust bin size of Robot Floor Cleaner

Dustbin size is measured in liters. Bin size ranges from 0.25 to 1 liter. How it is important? The smaller size means smaller room cleaning capacity. With 0.25liter bin size you cannot clean your total home and you can schedule while going home. Apart from that you need to very cautious while removing the container.

robot vacuum cleaner dustbin size

Dust should be captured in closed or secured container for effective cleaning. Milagrow BlueBee 21 Dry & Wet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, is having size of 600ml making it a wiser choice.

Other Important criteria for selecting Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Corner cleaning effectiveness

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners may not be effective in corner cleaning. Many robotic vacuum cleaners skip the corners. If the corners are not covered well the house looks half cleaned. So be sure on edge cases.

router with battery backup resonate routerUPS

Mapping system or Mapping algorithm

Every robotic vacuum cleaner have some mapping algorithm to schedule the routes to follow. Floor cleaner can go in zigzag manner or in straight lines. The main aspect is, it should cover the total area that too quickly. It looks terrible if to clean small area, it takes so much time.


The sensor is a way to detect the obstacles or walls. Good robotic vacuum cleaners stops at a wall or table before hitting. Bad sensor leads to multiple banging of the cleaner to walls. This may cause an early teardown of the robot as well.


Noise is a critical factor in deciding the right cleaner. The plan is to clean while going to office, then noise is not the concern. Otherwise, choosing lower decibels floor cleaner is advised.

Virtual Wall

Many manufactures provides this option where by marking few areas you can restrict the cleaner from going that side. For example, if you would like to restrict Robot from going to the bathroom, then the virtual wall will be helpful.

Top brands and Price

Milagrow, Exilient, LG, Sharp, iRobot Roomba, Ameribot are few well known brands. You can purchase them from online at Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal. The average price ranges from Rs. 13,000 to Rs. 30,000. Read more about advantages and disadvantages of robotic vacuum cleaners in our other article.

Best robotic vacuum cleaners

We are presenting handpicked few best robotic vacuum clearners.

Our rating system

We gave ratings to vacuum vleaner 1 to 5. Here are some variables that we consider while rating a vacuum cleaner.

  • Product specification
  • Brand reputation and customer care service
  • Number of features for given price
  • Product reviews
  • Price

iRobot 300 Series Braava 390t Floor Mopping Robot

iRobot 300 Series Braava 390t Floor Mopping Robot


Milagrow Redhawk Robotic Floor Cleaner

Milagrow Redhawk Robotic Floor Cleaner


iRobot 800 Series Roomba 866 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

iRobot 800 Series Roomba 866 Vacuum Cleaning Robot


iRobot 900 Series Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

iRobot 900 Series Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot


Milagrow BlackCat 2.0 Robotic Floor Cleaner

Milagrow BlackCat 2.0 Robotic Floor Cleaner


Milagrow AguaBot 5.0 Robotic Floor Cleaner

Milagrow AguaBot 5.0 Robotic Floor Cleaner


Robotic vacuum cleaners are battery operated and works without human intervention. These small sized vacuum cleaner powered with multiple sensors to track bare floor, carpet, hard wood floor and stairs. The powerful brushes catch, pick the dust, dirt and other debris and kept in dust bin. Most of the robotic vacuum cleaner equipped with HEPA filter mitigates the effect of dust, dirt and bad odour which breathing problems to asthma patients.

The various advanced sensor informs to vacuum cleaner about obstacles like stairs where can robotic vacuum cleaner get drop down and avoids damage to it. Some of new models capable to itself finds its charging station to charge on low battery level while cleaning and after fully charge again starts cleaning.

These “set it and forget it” style robotic vacuum cleaners have limited usage and drawbacks. Robotic vacuum cleaners required to someone empty their dust bin regularly. The full dust bin degrades the performance. However, robotic vacuum cleaners effective but for deep cleaning is not in their hand, for that you have to get upright or canister vacuum cleaners, moreover robotic vacuum cleaners doesn't delivers effective cleaning on thick, long pile carpets.

Robotic vacuum cleaner price in India starts from 2500 rupees to 50,000 rupees. World famous Irobot vacuum cleaners recently launched in India. Irobot, Milagrow, Ameribot are some well known robotic vacuum cleaner manufacturers in India

Advantages of robotic vacuum cleaner

  • Saves time. Robotic vacuum cleaner does all its work own and no need of human intervention.
  • You can clean your home when you're away from home. You can schedule the at what time have to start vacuuming and moreover some robotic vacuum cleaner manufacturers provides app to control your vacuum cleaner even when you are out of station.
  • Capable to clean tricky, cumbersome place such as underneath of furniture, bed, sofa set.

Disadvantages of robotic vacuum cleaner

  • You could not use robotic vacuum cleaner to vacuum sofa, bed or curtains. They only works on flat surface.
  • Robotic vacuum cleaner are ineffective, incapable to clean stairs.
  • Moderate cleaning quality compared to it’s counterpart canister, upright vacuum cleaner. Moreover, robotic vacuum cleaners ineffective to clean long pile carpet.
  • As robotic vacuum cleaners newer technology, they are too expensive in India. It costs approximately 20,000 rupees to 50,000 rupees whereas canister, upright vacuum cleaners costs approximately 5,000 to 10,0000rupees.

Please read our article on Bagged Vs bagless to know what type of vacuum cleaner suitable to you. Please check our articles about other type of best vacuum cleaners such as best upright vacuum cleaners, best stick vacuum cleaners, best handheld vacuum cleaners and best canister vacuum cleaners

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