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Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide, India

Vacuum cleaner buying guide will ensure that buying the right vacuum cleaner that will meet your needs and requirements, due to the fact that vacuum cleaner buying can be a little bit difficult. There are many models of vacuum cleaners available, while prices can escalate fast! The most important vacuum cleaner buying guide in India is for you to consider the type of cleaning you do most often as there are different types vacuum cleaners for different purposes. Consequently, make sure you are clear about vacuum cleaner options and identify the one that will suit your purpose before you invest your money on any of them.

Try our vacuum cleaner selector to choose right vacuum cleaner by answering simple questions without reading any buying guide.

Vacuum cleaner types

Depending on the vacuum cleaner physical shape and their purpose vacuum cleaners categorized as follows. Moreover, you can refer our details discussion on types of vacuum cleaners in our other post.

Canister vacuum cleaner

Canister vacuum cleaners most seen and popular in India. The canister vacuum cleaner body contains a cylinder integrated with motor pump and storage container, bag. Cylinder connected to the suction nozzle with hose, pipe provides suction power. Cylinder mounted on wheels so that user can carry easily throughout the home.

canister vacuum cleaner

Canister vacuum cleaner is versatile in design, provides high maneuverability. Canister vacuum cleaners capable to clean bare floors, carpets, sofa set, upholstery (soft, padded cloth covering, fixed to furniture like sofa set) and stairs. Canister vacuum cleaner capable clean tricky places like furniture underneath, curtains effectively. Canister vacuum cleaner flexible to clean car seats, interiors, moreover, it can easily clean car foot rest.

If you are looking for, all in one purpose vacuum cleaner which capable to clean bare floors, carpets, furniture set, underneath furniture, curtains and car interiors etc., then a canister vacuum cleaner should be your choice.

Canister vacuum cleaner price

Canister vacuum cleaner price starts from Rs. 5000 rupees in India. Eureka Forbes, Philips, LG is well known vacuum cleaner manufacturers in India. Moreover, foreign companies like Black & Decker, Bissell, Miele are also trending vacuum cleaner manufacturers in India.

Best canister vacuum cleaner

  • Eureka Forbes Trendy Steel Vacuum Cleaner
  • Eureka Forbes Smart Clean Vacuum Cleaner
  • Kent Ent Cyclonic vacuum cleaner KC-T 3520
  • Eureka Forbes Trendy Dx Wet & Dry Cleaner
  • Black & Decker VM2825 Vacuum Cleaner

Upright vacuum cleaner

As it names these types of vacuum cleaner can sit in an upright (straight up or vertical) position. As it sits in vertical position, so it will good option if you don't want to bend a lot while vacuuming, cleaning. The upright vacuum cleaner is very new and only few pieces available in Indian vacuum cleaner market, whereas in foreign countries upright vacuum cleaners are very common one.

upright vacuum cleaner

Upright vacuum cleaner are made to clean all types of carpet floors. They effective to clean large pile carpet covered a large area. Nozzle head direct contact with the carpet and direct contact between the motor and nozzle it to clean the carpet closet and deep. To turn off upright vacuum cleaner's beater bars it can be used on bare floors too.

You can't clean sofa set, furnitures, underneath furniture, stairs and car interior with an upright vacuum cleaner. Heavy weight makes it incapable to move up and down in a multi floor home.

Upright vacuum cleaner price

Upright vacuum cleaners are much expensive compare to other type of vacuum cleaners. Upright vacuum cleaner price starts from Rs.30,000 in India. Panasonic, Bissell, Dirt Devil, Zanussi are well known vacuum cleaner manufacturers in India.

Best upright vacuum cleaner

  • Zanussi Air Speed Lite ZAN2000A 1100W Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
  • Bissell CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass, 9595
  • Panasonic PA-MCUG522 upright bagged Vacuum Cleaner
  • Eureka Forbes GFCDFVOGUE0000 Vogue Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Bissell 1047N Air Ram codeless vacuum cleaner

Handheld vacuum cleaner

Handheld vacuum cleaners are known for their compact, handy size. Although these vacuum cleaners are less powerful but capable to clean tricky places like a curtain, car interiors where its counterpart canister, upright vacuum cleaners fails. Some of the new models are coming with inbuilt battery so that can be carried all over the home without worrying about large size cable tangles. Most of handheld vacuum cleaners are equipped with a disk filter made up of paper or cloth traps dust particles. Eureka Forbes Euroclean Bravo is the one of the best one equipped with HEPA filter which can removes 99.999% of dust particles.

handheld vacuum cleaner

All most all handheld vacuum cleaners are bagless one, stores collected dust in the bin. This type of vacuum cleaners weights approximately 2 kg depending on the vacuum cleaner manufacturer

Handheld vacuum cleaner price

Handheld vacuum cleaner price range starts from 2,000 rupees, whereas HEPA filtered price starts from 5,000 rupees. Eureka Forbes, Panasonic is well known handheld vacuum cleaner manufacturers in India whereas as foreign company Black & Deckerare also trending one.

Best handheld vacuum cleaners

  • Eureka Forbes Easy Clean Plus Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner
  • Euroclean Eureka Forbes Bravo Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner
  • Panasonic MC-DL201 Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner
  • Black & Decker VH-801 Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner
  • Morphy Richards Pets Handheld Vacuum & Blow Dryer Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner

Quick vacuum cleaners comparison

Vacuum cleaner type Cleaning places
Canister vacuum cleaner Everything: floor, carpet, stairs, furniture (like sofa), car interiors
Upright vacuum cleaner Only floor, carpet with the best cleaning
Stick vacuum cleaner Only floor, carpet, stairs with moderate cleaning
Handheld vacuum cleaner Only furniture (sofa, curtains, cupboards) and car interiors
Robotic vacuum cleaner Only floor, carpet with the Robot help

Stick vacuum cleaner

Stick vacuum is just like an upright vacuum cleaner with compact size and lightweight. These vacuum cleaners known for their easy maneuverability and versatile design that makes it to clean hard to reach places like underneath furniture and stairs too. If you are suffering from back bending pain and looking for lightweight vacuum that can easy movable, stick vacuum cleaner should be your choice. Moreover, some models like a Bissell Featherweight Pro 1611 can convert from an upright into a handheld vacuum cleaner gives flexibility to clean curtains and car interiors. Some of the models are equipped with inbuilt battery for high maneuverability.

stick vacuum cleaner

Stick vacuum cleaner price

Stick vacuum cleaner price range starts from 5,000 rupees in India. Philips, Bissell, Bosch are the some of well know stick vacuum cleaner manufacturers in India. However, very few pieces available currently in India.

Best stick vacuum cleaners

  • Philips FC6132/02 MiniVac Stick Vacuum Cleaner
  • Bissell AeroVac 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic vacuum cleaner

Robotic vacuum cleaners seems like science fiction, but it becomes true in twenty first century. These disk shaped (sometimes square shape too) are battery powered and capable move, vacuum all over on your floor without human intervention by using its advanced hardware, software technology. These vacuum cleaners are flexible to clean all your mess even when you are not at home or while you are relaxing. Just you have to schedule when to clean, that’s it, it will starts it work and moreover, on lack of battery charge it goes to its power docking station and charge itself, again starts vacuuming, cleaning.

robotic vacuum cleaner

Who want to vacuum their home daily but don’t have time for it, for those robotic vacuum cleaner is perfect choice. However, robotic vacuum cleaners have its limited usage. These vacuum cleaners are incapable to vacuum large pile carpet, furniture upholstery, curtains and stairs. For those purpose you need canister or upright vacuum cleaner.

Only the things that have to do is, install the electricity docking station for battery charging once in a vacuum cleaner life time, once in a week have to empty the vacuum cleaner bin in which collected dust stored.

Robotic vacuum cleaner price

Robotic vacuum cleaner price range starts from 15,000 rupees to 50,000 rupees in India. iRobot, Milagrow are some of well known robotic vacuum cleaner manufacturers in India.

Best robotic vacuum cleaner

  • iRobot 300 Series Braava 390t Floor Mopping Robot
  • Milagrow Redhawk Robotic Floor Cleaner
  • iRobot 800 Series Roomba 866 Vacuum Cleaning Robot
  • iRobot 900 Series Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot
  • Milagrow BlackCat 2.0 Robotic Floor Cleaner

Convertible vacuum cleaner

(Not available in India)

These vacuum cleaners are made for handling multiple cleaning places. Let us, upright vacuum cleaner effective on carpet whereas it completely incapable to clean stair. Again for this you have to go for the stick or handheld or canister vacuum cleaner. Assume how it could be if we can convert upright vacuum cleaner to canister vacuum cleaner and stick vacuum cleaner to handheld vacuum cleaner? The solution is to go for the Convertible vacuum cleaners.

convertible vacuum cleaner

For instance, "Eureka Easy Clean 2 in 1 Lightweight Vacuum" is basically stick vacuum cleaner, although it converts into a handheld vacuum cleaner. "Shark Rotator Pro Complete Lift-Away Vacuum" is an upright vacuum cleaner is can be converted into canister or handheld vacuum cleaner.

If you want lightweight stick vacuum cleaner for floor cleaning, but also want to clean curtains regularly then convertible stick to handheld vacuum cleaner is perfect choice for you. However, in Indian vacuum cleaner market is very small, India just started its generation in vacuuming world, it takes few years to manufacturers launch convertible pieces in India.

Conclusion on vacuum cleaner types

If you have bare marble floors, tile floors, a lot of stairs and you have plans to clean curtains, furniture upholstery and car interior -- Canister vacuum cleaner will be perfect choice for you. But if you have a large size carpet area, long pile carpet -- Upright vacuum cleaner is best for the job. If you have backbend pain and want to lite vacuuming -- handheld or stick vacuum cleaners are made for you. The robotic vacuum cleaner is suitable for those who want to vacuum daily and not have time to vacuum, clean.

Bag or bagless vacuum cleaner? Which one is suitable for you?

Depending on the where and how collected dirt stored in vacuum cleaner are divided into two categories.

  • Bagged vacuum cleaners
  • Bagless vacuum cleaners

Bagged vacuum cleaner

bagged vacuum cleaner

Bagged vacuum cleaners are equipped with a dust bag in its body, in which collected dust, dirt stored in that. When dust bag is full, it can either empty the bag or replace the bag depending on the vacuum cleaner bag type(reusable bag or disposable bag).

Vacuum cleaner bag types

Depending on the reusability vacuum cleaner bags are divided into two categories.

  • Reusable bags
  • Disposable bags

Reusable bags can be emptied on full and reuse again. Most of reusable bags are washable, so that you can wash the bag when it’s required to avoid dust, dirt clogging. Multiple times reusability makes flexibility to avoid purchasing bags again and again. Although, reusable bags are also limited reusability, depending usage have to replace bag once in a year.

Disposable bags are use and throw one, can be used only once. Once the bag is full of dust, dirt you have to replace the bag. It gives you freedom from exposing to dust, it will great feature if you are asthma, allergic patient. Whereas cons side disposable bags make additional overhead. Each time you have to spend hundreds of rupees for a new bag.

types of vacuum cleaner bags

Whatever, reusable or disposable bagged vacuum cleaner you are going to choose, make sure that new, spare bags are available in the market, online market or not. Moreover, look for new, spare bags price, they are in your budget or not. It recommended that don’t go for the vacuum cleaner whose cost is low, whereas spare bag cost is high.

Advantages of bagged vacuum cleaners

  • In case of disposable bags, just pull off old bag and throw into the dustbin and fit new bag. That’s it, no worrying about exposing to dust.
  • The bagged vacuum cleaner provides better filtration. When pressured air passes through the bag it works as a filter along with HEPA filter it provides best cleaning functionality.

Disadvantages of bagged vacuum cleaners

  • In case of reusable bags, while emptying dust, dirt flew everywhere, whereas disposable bags this one is not the case.
  • For disposable bags you have to continuously spend money on that. The worst thing is, it's very hard to find new bags in small Indian vacuum cleaner market.
  • Vacuum cleaner loses its suction power as it get full.

Bagless vacuum cleaner

Bagless vacuum cleaner contains plastic container(mostly transparent container), the collected dust stored in that. On full of containers, unmount it and dump the dirt into into dustbin.

bagless vacuum cleaner

Generally, bagless vacuum cleaners are two types, one is Filtered and another is Cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaners. In filtered vacuum cleaner, dust particles are trapped, block by filter (HEPA or similar type filter) and fresh, filter air push back into the home. Whereas, Cyclonic vacuum cleaners use cyclonic action to separate dirt and dust particles from air and fresh air push back into the home. However, cyclonic vacuum cleaners are currently not available in India.

Advantages of bagless vacuum cleaners

  • Don’t have to buy vacuum cleaner bags every day
  • As vacuum cleaner dust bin gets full does not lose its suction power
  • With use of a bagless vacuum cleaner, you can easily see dust particles collecting in the bin and makes when to empty the bin and you can easily recognize if vacuum cleaner sucks any valuable thing like gold rings, coins etc.

bagless vacuum cleaner emptying

Disadvantages of bagless vacuum cleaners

  • However bagless vacuum cleaners save money by avoiding buying bags, but most of the bagless vacuum cleaner equipped with cheap non washable filters and bagless vacuum cleaner makes more pressure to pass air through the filter which makes dust, dirt clogging into the filter. They have to replace once in a year and cost approximately 2,000 rupees. If you are really worried about the maintenance cost look for the beagles washable filters.
  • While emptied the vacuum cleaner bin dust flew everywhere. If you have bad asthma and allergies bagless vacuum cleaner not for you, simply go for the bagged vacuum cleaner with disposable bags feature.

Quick vacuum cleaner bagless vs bagged comparison

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Bagged Vacuum Cleaners
You can empty and reuse bins countless times You have to buy new bags regularly
Exposed to dirt while emptying the bin You are not exposed to dirt
Best for asthma and allergy patients
price range:   6,000 -   14,000
price range:   3,000 -   6,000

Vacuum cleaner filter

A vacuum cleaner sucks the dust, dust particles by pulling in air. However, this inside taken air have to exhaust out. During this exhausting air back into the home, the dust, dirt particles might be released back into home along with the air. To avoid this, air pulled by vacuum cleaner passed through the filter, that block, trap dust particles and releases fresh air back into the home.

vacuum cleaner filters

HEPA filter

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. The HEPA filter is a cartridge filter type and is highly capable to remove 99.999% of dust, dirt particles of size 0.3 microns. The HEPA filter is made up of glass fiber are arranged in a mesh manner that can block, trap very minute particles. If you are bad asthma or allergy sufferer, HEPA filters should be your choice. However filter incapable to remove bad odor, unpleasant smell.

vacuum cleaner

Foam filter

Foam filters are secondary filter. It takes primary filter air as input and removes, blocks dust particles then release fresh air back into the home. The best thing about foam filter is mostly of being washable, so that you can use multiple times. Some filter manufacturers use Microfresh combo with foam filter. Microfresh is non-hazardous chemical compound that prevents formation, development of fungus and bacteria.

Charcoal or Activated Carbon filter

This one also used as secondary, optional filter. Activated carbon especially used to remove unpleasant smell, bad odors which causes by pets in your home. Sometimes these filters are termed as pet filters too. Sometimes these filters are clubbed with a scented cartridge filter to make better home aesthetic.

Cloth or bag filter

As it names these filters are in shape of bag, air passed through these pre-filter during vacuuming. This filter protects other major filters like HEPA filter from clogging by large size dust particles which reduce the lifetime of other filters. This long durable filter is washable and the best one is no need to replace these filters regular basis. New model cloth filters are integrated MicroFresh chemicals to avoid formation of fungus.

Disk filter

These filters are made up of paper or cloth and look like coffee, tea filter. Most of these filters are used in small size vacuum cleaners like handheld, stick or robotic vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaner price

Vacuum cleaner prices vary depending on vacuum cleaner type, bagged or bagless and most important one is filter type. Here we are presenting vacuum cleaner approximately price overview, take a look.

Most well known canister vacuum cleaner price varies from 4,000 to 10,000 rupees. Whereas uncommon upright vacuum cleaner price in between 10,000 to 30,000 rupees. Handy and trendy handheld vacuum cleaner is inexpensive are priced from 2,000 to 5,000 rupees. Lightweight weight and high maneuverability stick vacuum cleaner costs start from 5,000 to 10,000 rupees. Automated robotic vacuum cleaner is highly expensive due to their advanced technology, price in between 20,000 to 50,000 rupees in India.

Best vacuum cleaner brands in India

Eureka Forbes, EuroClean, LG, Philips, Panasonic are the well known Indian vacuum cleaner brands. However, foreign brands like Black & Decker, Bissell and Karcher have just started their trend in India. World popular roboticvacuum cleaner manufacturer, iRobot was launched in India in the year 2015, looking to make its robotic footprint in all over India.

Things to look in vacuum cleaner brand

Although, they are well known for years, here we are recommended to before buying a vacuum cleaner, goto their brand review on vacuum cleaners, did their spare parts are available in the market or not, if available, must note at what the price of it, did vacuum cleaner brand service is located in your city or not. In India, most of the user reviewing as vacuum cleaner bags are not available in the market, if they available, they cost approximately 30% of vacuum cleaner price.

Where to buy vacuum cleaners

In India, vacuum cleaner not commonly available, unlike refrigerator or washing machine. Only in few shopping malls, vacuum cleaners are available. Even in metro city also you have to long search for them. If you are looking wide varieties of vacuum cleaners just go for online shopping. India’s best online shopping destinations Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal are provides a wide range of vacuum cleaners collection. Moreover, you can directly online shop on manufacturer's website, such as Eureka Forbes. However, only the canister and handheld vacuum cleaners widely available in India, whereas few pieces, models of upright, stick, robotic vacuum cleaners available now in India.

Vacuum cleaner for asthma

Vacuum cleaner filter type, vacuum cleaner bag and vacuum cleaner, type are major factors that have to consider while buying a vacuum cleaner for asthma, allergy sufferers. The HEPA filter is the best one for treating allergy causing dust mites, bacteria and viruses. HEPA capable to remove 99.999% of dust particles. If you are an asthma sufferer, HEPA filters should be in your vacuum cleaner.

Bagless vacuum cleaner are not for you, if you are asthma, allergy sufferer. In case of a bagless vacuum cleaner, while the empty bin, user have the risk of getting exposed to dust, which is quite not recommended for asthma sufferers. Whereas, in bagged vacuum cleaners, reusable bags also not suitable for asthma sufferers. While empty reusable bags it has risk get expose to dust. Bagged vacuum cleaner with disposable bags are highly recommended because it has no chances to get exposed to dust, one full of bags just pull out the bag, throw in the dust bin and fix new bag. Although, you can go for bagless vacuum cleaner or bagged with reusable bag vacuum cleaner, whereas take help of other family members for empty the bag or bin.

If you have large carpet area, upright vacuum cleaner is suitable for deep clean the carpet and use handheld or canister vacuum cleaner for clean curtains and furniture set. Otherwise, use canister or other type of vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaner for pet hair, India

Your loving pets like dogs, cats makes a mess like pet hair, dander, fur all around in your home. These pet’s mess make unpleasant smell all your home. To clean these mess vacuums cleaner must have a high power motor which gives you high suction power. High suction power gives you flexibility to suck all the pet hair and fur. Look for the HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner for effective cleaning. Moreover go for the scented filter along with HEPA to remove bad odor.

Vacuum cleaner for car, India

Handheld vacuum cleaner is more flexible to clean car interior. Handheld vacuum cleaner with inbuilt battery gives you the freedom to clean tricky places in a car. However, if you are looking for all rounder vacuum cleaner which capable to clean car as well as whole home, canister vacuum cleaner is the best choice.

handheld vacuum cleaner for car

canister vacuum cleaner for car

Vacuum cleaner for sofa and curtains, India

Most suitable vacuum cleaner for sofa, their upholstery and curtains is definitely canister vacuum cleaner. Next one in the queue is handheld vacuum cleaner. The high suction power capture dust, dust mite. Some advanced vacuum cleaner for sofa such as KENT Bed & Upholstery Vacuum Cleaner KC-B502 uses UV light to disinfect the sofa, upholstery and bed by killing bacteria and dust mites.

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