Vacuum Cleaner Bagless Vs Bagged
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Vacuum Cleaner Bagless Vs Bagged

Nowadays in India Vacuum cleaner become quite popular. They have become daily need device. Even many manufacturers provide steam vacuum cleaners mops which are quite suitable for Indian cleaning habits.

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Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Bagged Vacuum Cleaners
You can empty and reuse bins countless times You have to buy new bags regularly
Exposed to dirt while emptying the bin You are not exposed to dirt
Best for asthma and allergy patients
price range:   6,000 -   14,000
price range:   3,000 -   6,000

Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

Bagged Vacuum Cleaner pulled up dirt from floor, carpet into cloth or paper bag. Whereas Bagless bin Vacuum Cleaners stores dirt into a transparent bin. Due to this transparent material you can see the dirt collected while cleaning. In the case of Bagged Vacuum Cleaners bags may be reusable or disposable. With the use of reusable bags, you have to manually clean, wash the bag. This makes you have to expose to dirt while cleaning. This quite problematic for allergy, asthma patients, But no need for frequent purchase of bag, buy once and forget about replacement up to few years. Whereas with use of disposable paper bags you are not at all worry about expose to dust. Just remove paper bag and throw into dustbin. Even new updated Vacuum cleaners facilitate to automatically close the bag mouth when the user tries to replace bag.
If you are allergy, asthma patient, you should go for disposable paper bagged Vacuum cleaner.

bagged vacuum cleaner

Bagless (bin) Vacuum Cleaner

Bagless bin vacuum cleaners stores dirt in bins. On full of bin pull out to make it empty, during this you may expose dirt, which quite uncomfortable for allergy asthma patients.

  • With use of bagless Vacuum Cleaners it is easy to watch and retrieve small object such as coins, earrings get sucked up accidentally by use of transparent material bin. Whereas with bagged vacuum cleaners it almost not possible to observe small object sucked up accidentally. Even it is tricky to retrieve things from the bag.

    bagless vacuum cleaner bin

  • Bagless bins of Vacuum Cleaners can be used a countless number of times. Whereas bagged Vacuum Cleaners reusable bag too have limitted number of reusability. Disposable paper bags can use only once which is additional cost for each time you clean. Even it tricky to know the bag is full or not. The usage of Vacuum cleaner with full dirt bag makes a terrible noise, extra power consuption, inefficient cleaning.

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