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Vacuum cleaner with blower in India

There are few vacuum cleaners which are integrated with blower function along with the suction power of vacuum cleaner. Blower helps to unsettle the dust particles which are stuck on the tricky, unreachable places such as door, windows top edges. Vacuum cleaner blower function most helpful in cleaning computer CPU cabinet. Try our Vacuum Cleaner Selector to choose right Vacuum Cleaner by answering simple questions without reading any buying guide.

What is the use of blower in vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner blower function plays vital role in cleaning the places, products which kept aside from long time. For instant air cooler which is used only in summer(let us in India) and kept aside almost 4 months unused, during this it becomes house for dust, dirt, dust mites and lot of spider web. Here, vacuum cleaner blower is handy to clean all this mess. Moreover, your old furniture, computer CPU cabinets which are becomes house of dust. To clean these all mess blower is perfect and stand alone choice.

Vacuum cleaners with blower function

Vacuum cleaner with blower Vacuum cleaner without blower
Blow away the dust, dirt Sucks the dust, dirt
Removes spider web from underneath furniture, corners You can't
Can clean computer CPU cabinet You can't
Can be used as leafblower You can't
Have high powered motor Medium powered motor

Eureka Forbes Trendy Steel Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes Trendy Steel Vacuum Cleaner with blower

This Eureka Forbes powerful vacuum cleaner comes with reusable dust bag storage with dust bag full indicator. The powerful 1300watt powerful motor allows high blowing power as well as high suction power for effective cleaning. Moreover, this blower function allows instantly dries the slightly wet floors. Blower much more help to take out the dust from thing which are stored from long time without using. Its advanced bag full indicator allows user to empty the dust bag, therefore avoids the degrading vacuum cleaner suction capacity. Stainless steel build body makes it prone to breakage in body or damage motor and adds aesthetic to your home. Its cost approximately 7000 rupees.

Black & Decker wv1400 vacuum Cleaner

Black & Decker wv1400 vacuum cleaner with blower

This wet and dry vacuum cleaner is capable to clean all wet and dry places without changing the filter. It equipped with reusable and washable bag provides 11L wet and 16L dry dust storage capacity. In open areas, outdoors you can use blower function throw out the dust, dirt far. This canister vacuum cleaner capable to deal with large quantity of dust, dirt which might be wet or dry with blower or suction power. It is weighed almost 10kg, looks bulky and cumbersome, however i front of its cleaning efficiency these drawbacks are matters nothing.

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