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Best stick vacuum cleaner

Stick vacuum cleaners are similar to upright vacuum cleaner but this one is lighter weight and small storage capacity. Compared with its counterpart upright vacuum cleaner these vacuum cleaners are lighter weight as well as less powerful, less storage capacity but more maneuverable than upright vacuum cleaners. This versatile vacuum cleaner provides flexibility to move anywhere, say on carpet, bare floors, tricky places like underneath furniture, sofa and bed. Try our Vacuum Cleaner selector to choose right Vacuum cleaner by answering simple questions without reading any buying guide.

Moreover, some stick vacuum cleaners provides flexibility to detach spares and use it as handheld vacuum cleaner to clean stairs, curtains and bed. Best thing is if your stick vacuum cleaner have convertibility to handheld vacuum, you can even clean the car too. Bissell Aero Vac is well known stick and handheld 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner now available in indian market.

Although, its versatile design on side stick vacuum cleaners have their limits. Stick vacuum cleaner shouldn’t be used for heavy jobs. If you have large carpet area with long pile carpet, stick vacuum cleaner is not for you, go for the full size upright or canister vacuum cleaner.

Our rating system

We gave ratings to vacuum vleaner 1 to 5. Here are some variables that we consider while rating a vacuum cleaner.

  • Product specification
  • Brand reputation and customer care service
  • Number of features for given price
  • Product reviews
  • Price

Philips FC6132/02 MiniVac Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Philips FC6132/02 MiniVac Stick Vacuum Cleaner


Bissell AeroVac 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell AeroVac 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner


This incredible bagless vacuum cleaner has an extremely large dust capacity to ensure total home cleaning. This is the only machine in this segment which can be used as a lightweight stick vacuum cleaner which can be used in the upright mode to clean the entire home.This exceptional lightweight stick vacuum cleaner effortlessly converts from an upright into a corded hand stick vacuum cleaner allowing you to easily vacuum your car and other hard to reach places.The cyclonic action provides powerful suction for thorough cleaning. Enjoy the bag-less convenience of the Bissell AeroVaccum Ac Vacuum Cleaner. No more bags to buy or change!

Advantages of stick vacuum cleaner

  • Lightweight, highly maneuverable and compact design makes this vacuum cleaner capable clean every place.
  • Stick vacuum cleaner which have convertibility to handheld vacuum cleaner very useful to clean cars.
  • Stick vacuum cleaners are quieter one compared to other canister, upright vacuum cleaners.
  • Stick vacuum cleaner are affordable, price range starts from 5,000 rupees in India.

Diadvantages of stick vacuum cleaner

  • Stick vacuum cleaners are ineffective on thick, long pile carpet.
  • Dust bins are small due to their compact size, therefore you have to frequent empty the bin.

Please read our article on Bagged Vs bagless to know what type of vacuum cleaner suitable to you. Please check our articles about other type of best vacuum cleaners such as best upright vacuum cleaners, best handheld vacuum cleaners, best robotic vacuum cleaners and best canister vacuum cleaners

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