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Vacuum cleaner filter types - India

Vacuum cleaner cleans surface by sucking dust, dust particle into it by air pressure and store dust, dirt etc. in dust bag or bin, during this process it releases air back in into a home which might be contaminated with allergens. To avoid releasing contaminated air into the home environment, filters are used to purify the air. Contaminated air forced to pass through the filter and filter trap, block the airborne disease causing allergens, bacteria, viruses, dust mites. Try our Vacuum Cleaner selector to choose right Vacuum Cleaner by answering simple questions without reading any buying guide.

Cartridge filter

Cartridge filters are made up of foam, synthetic products. It capable to capture minute 3.0 microns dust particles. This disposable filters need to be replaced time to time depending on the usage in order to vacuum cleaner perform well. Usually cartridge filters are in cylindrical shape which are fitted into the cylindrical, airtight space made in vacuum cleaner. Cartridge filter size varies model to model vacuum cleaner, so before buying a new cartridge filter s look for the measurement of old cartridge filters. Here the few featured cartridge filters that are well known by their name are as follows.

  • HEPA filter
  • ULPA filter

cartridge filter vacuum cleaner

HEPA filter

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. Vacuum cleaner which are equipped with HEPA filter exhaust less dust, dirt particles during vacuuming, cleaning. HEPA filters pushes dust, dirt air to passes through it, during this process HEPA blocks, traps pullen, dust particles and at the end it releases purified air back to in your leaving home.

Basically, most of HEPA filters are made up of glass fibers. Many glass fibers are arranged in such a manner that it forms a heavy mesh, mat filter in which air can easily pass through it, but whatever contaminants present in air such as dust, pollen (powdery substance), dust mites, pet dander are trapped, blocked by HEPA filter. True HEPA filter capable to capture 99.9% contaminants of 3.0 microns and larger.

hepa filter vacuum cleaner

Although, HEPA filter do its best part, but still there remains some contaminants which are can easily removed by using some other pre and post filters. Prefilter like cloth filter capture large dust particles therefore helps to increase efficiency and durability of HEPA filter.

However, HEPA filters are inefficient to treat unpleasant smell, bad odour or VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds - such as released from burning fuel like wood, coal, diesel and petrol). Activated Carbon filter is best one to treat bad odour. Activated carbon filter absorbs bad odour and exhaust, releases purified air back to in your room.

HEPA filters are non-washable or non-reusable. You have to replace HEPA filters frequently depending on the usage, frequency of cleaning. If you are asthma or allergies sufferers, HEPA filter is perfect, absolute choice for you. However, HEPA filter work perfectly where it air tight fitted in vacuum cleaner. In case of dir gaps, HEPA it looses its efficiency and releases unpurified air back into your home.

Best HEPA filter vacuum cleaners

  • Eureka Forbes Trendy Dx Wet & Dry Cleaner
  • Euroclean Eureka Forbes Bravo Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner
  • iRobot 800 Series Roomba 866 Vacuum Cleaning Robot
  • Panasonic PA-MCUG522 upright bagged Vacuum Cleaner
  • Bissell CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass, 9595
  • Philips FC6132/02 MiniVac Stick Vacuum Cleaner
  • Black & Decker VM2825 Vacuum Cleaner
  • Kent Ent Cyclonic vacuum cleaner KC-T 3520
  • Panasonic MC-CG 711 Vacuum Cleaner
  • LG VC3316NNTM Vacuum Cleaner
  • Milagrow BlackCat 2.0 Robotic Floor Cleaner
  • Milagrow AguaBot 5.0 Robotic Floor Cleaner
  • Morphy Richards Pets Handheld Vacuum & Blow Dryer Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner
  • KENT Bed & Upholstery Vacuum Cleaner KC-B502
  • Philips FC6130/01 Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner
  • Russell Hobbs RU-20480 Vacuum Cleaner
  • Eureka Forbes Tornado 1200-Watt Vacuum Cleaner
  • Russell Hobbs RU-18521 Vacuum Cleaner
  • Exilient ReadyMaid Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Large Dry/Wet Mop
  • Panasonic Cocolo+ MC-CL431 1600-Watt Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

ULPA filter

ULPA stands for Ultra Low Penetration Air. ULPA more related and just like HEPA filter, moreover ULPA filters are more efficient than HEPA filters. It capable to remove 99.999% of contaminants of diameter size 0.1 microns and larger.

Just like HEPA filter, ULPA filter also made up of many randomly arrange glass fibers which together form a thick mesh. Only the difference between ULPA and HEPA is, ULPA capable to capture very minute 0.1 micron and larger particles whereas HEPA captures 0.3 micron and larger particles.

Made of material What it can extract Reusability or washable
HEPA Glass fibers Removes particles of size 0.3 microns in diameter Most of are
ULPA Glass fibers Removes particles of size 0.12 microns in diameter Most of are
Clothe filter Clothe Large size particles Most of are
Foam filter Foam Small size particles Most of are
Disk filter Clothe or paper Small size particles Most of are

Cloth Filters

Cloth filters are used to filter large size dust, dirt particles. Mostly these type of filters are fitted in heavy size vacuum cleaner which are designed to used at industrial sites. Cloth filters are washable and can be reused many times. Here the some featured cloth filters are as follows.

cloth filter vacuum cleaner

Foam filter

Foam filter are used as secondary filter. Foam filters separate air and dust particles before it exhaust out. Most of the foam filters are washable so that you can reuse many times.

foam filter vacuum cleaner

Disk Filters

As it names, these filters are in shape of disk. These filters are made up of cloth or paper. Most of robotic vacuum cleaner are integrated with this type of filters. Disk filters are capable to handle low to moderate level of dust particles. Disk filters are made to equipped in moderate powered vacuum cleaners.

disk filter vacuum cleaner

Here the some of features that might be included in above mention vacuum cleaner filters. These feature are clubbed with cartridge, cloth, foam or disk filters.

Feature: Allergen filters

These are the cloth filters that capable to capture minute particles. However, allergen filters capacity not more than HEPA filters.

Feature: MicroFresh filters

MicroFresh is a non-toxic chemical element that prevents the development of airborne disease causing bacteria, viruses and fungus. Microfresh sterilize, disinfect the exhaust air before it release in outer environment.

Feature: Washable filters

As it names these filters are washable and can be reuse again. Washable filters increase the performance of vacuum cleaner and they reduce the vacuum cleaner running cost. However all vacuum cleaners filters are not washable, to know your filters are washable or not check your vacuum cleaner user manual.

Feature: Scented filters

Scented filters adds pleasant smell to filtered air before it releases air back into room. Wherever vacuum cleaner sucks the dust particles, whatever filter might block dust particles but air might be contaminated by bad odour. These scented filters add pleasant smell and maintain aesthetic environment in your home.

There are a lot of vacuum cleaner filter types and each of them comes with its own distinguished features that make it stand out from the crowd. In view of this fact, put into consideration the type of work the filter will do, the environment where it will be used, and the health issues when you want to buy one.

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