Oil Filled Room Heater advantages and disadvantages
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Oil Filled Room Heater advantages and disadvantages

Winters are becoming harsh in India day by day. Oil filled room heaters are one of the best room heaters in India, considering multiple aspects of heating and comfort. In this article we try to list all the factors where oil room heaters advantages and disadvantages. Here we go.

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How oil based room works?

Contrary to the misconception there is no burning of oil is required in oil based room heater. The power is consumed to heat the oil, then the heat is passed to metal walls through convection. Once the metals walls heats up they distribute the heat to the room on conduction heating method.

The advantages of oil room heaters.

  • Oil filled room heaters consume less electricity. They are good for power saving. As oil is used as heat reservoir, even you switch off the heater still room will be hot.
  • Oil filled room heaters neither burn oxygen nor reduce humidity making the best choice for new born babies. In this regard they are healthy options as it won't cause any suffocation or dry eyes, skin rashes.
  • Oil filled room heaters best fit for large room and all night usage as well
  • Oil filled room heaters are less noisy, quiet. You don't even feel the presence of it in the room.
  • Oil filled room heaters child safe as their surface won't heat up much. You don't need to place them closer to the bed. Simply put the Oil filled room heaters in the corner of room.
  • The Bajaj Majesty oil filled room heater is the most popular one available in the market.

The disadvantages of Oil filled room heaters.

  • Oil filled room heaters are costly. The price starts from 10,000 Rs. But considering the long terms use and energy saving you can get the returns on investment in few years. Of course, if you are bachelors and want to make your study table or desk hot oil room heaters are not best bet. You can with halogen room heaters for that case.
  • Oil filled room heaters take some time to heat, around 15 minutes to heat the room. You cannot get instant heat.
  • Oil filled room heaters are very heavy to move around in the home.
Considering the advantages they outweighs the room heater disadvantages . Oil filled room heaters one of the best bets for the whole family in India.

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