What to do when Room Heater making noise?
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What to do when Room Heater making noise?

Many people mailed us and asked us about what to do when all of sudden your room heater making noise? It is quite annoying to bare it all night leading to disturbed sleep. But more important thing is to know will there be any danger due to this? First thing we need to what type of room heater you are using? Lets first figure out why it happens and how to fix it.

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Why my fan based room heater making noise?

  • There can be problem with bad relay
  • Defective transformer
  • The blower motor which runs the fan could have been damaged
  • The heat coil which gets heated up may be worn out.
  • Heat coil may not working properly.

Why Halogen based room heater making noise?

They usually never makes noise. If they do there is something seriously wrong about the halogen bulb or quartz in it. Switch it off immediately.

Why oil space heater making noise?

They usually make noise when you switch it on as it takes some time to heat the metal and oil. It may be that buzzing sound and popping and crackling noises are normal. When you move the oil based room heater, or make it up side down the oil also displaces. So it may take some time to settle down, but not more than 5 minutes. Making noise while starting is one of disadvantage of room heater , but it can be ignored compared to its advantages.

What to do when your room heater making noise?

  • If the buzzing noise is not gone after some time, it is better to switch it off immediately. Even for that short duration, do not leave it unattended. For Fan and Oil filled room heaters you can wait and watch for at most 3 to 5 minutes, but for halogen room heaters switch it off immediately.

  • Check if you have warranty, so that you can ask for the replacement or repair

  • Get the repair done as soon as possible from authorized electrician.

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