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Room Heater buying guide India

Winter, this season is renowned for its white beauty and cruelty. It is a season that is romantic for some people, but most people fear this season for the shiver it creates down to the bone. All time people have to stay in their couch and under their blankets. Even they cannot move freely in their own house for the bitterness of winter. In the path of scientific advancement, now there is an opportunity of saving yourself from the freezing cold and being comfortable at least at your own house or workplace. Room heater is the gift from science for those who suffer from cold in the winter.

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Types of room heaters

Room heaters are also known as space heaters. If you decide to have a room heater, the first important work would be to research. There are a number of room heaters available in the market and vary in shape, style, cost and many other features. Room heaters can be classified into three major categories based on the method of heating or heating technology. Each type of room heater also called by so many different names as well. It crate so much confusion in case you plan to purchase the matching room heater.

  • Fan heaters
    (also known as Ceramic heater, Convection room heaters, Blower room heaters)
  • Infrared heaters
    (also known as Halogen, Quartz, Radiant room heaters)
  • Oil filled room heaters
    (also known as Oil heaters, Oil filled room heaters)

Fan heaters

This is the type of heater that is convenient for heating a quite large space in a short time. Ceramic coil heats the hot air around it, hence the convection heater quickly creates heat and is safe to touch. This heater includes a fan that will blow out the hot air and thus it will keep your living space hot. A convection room heater is not expensive and it consumes less energy, so it can be beneficial in term of cost too. They are also known as ceramic heater, convection heater or blower room heaters.

Best fan heaters

  • Orpat Oeh-1220 Fan Room Heater
  • Orpat OEH-1250 Fan Room Heater
  • Usha Hc 812 T Thermo Fan Room Heater
  • Orpat OEH - 1260 Fan Room Heater
  • Bajaj Majesty RX 14 Wall Mount Heat Convector Fan Room Heater
  • Usha FH 3212-C Fan Room Heater
  • Usha 3213-H PTC Fan Room Heater

Infrared heaters

Radiant room heater is probably the cheapest heater which works like a campfire and provides heat to its close places only. So it is useful for single person or small spaces. This heater has no fans, so it is not loud. Besides, it heats up quickly and uses less energy. Its only defect is that it is not enough for large rooms or more peoples and not child safe. Its surface heats up much. These are also known as Halogen, Quartz, Infrared based room heaters.

Best infrared heaters

  • Bajaj Flashy Radiant room heater
  • Usha 3002-QH Halogen Room Heater
  • Orpat ORH -1410 Radiant Room Heater
  • Bajaj RHX 2 Halogen Room Heater
  • Orpat OQH-1230 800-Watt Quartz Heater

Oil filled room heaters

Oil filled radiators are one of the best heaters, though take longer time to be heated, are good too. Because they provide heat for a long time even after the heater is turned off. It is also not noisy like the ceramic convection heater.

Oil filled room heaters consume less electricity. They are good for power saving. As oil is used as heat reservoir, even you switch off the heater still room will be hot. Oil filled room heaters neither burn oxygen nor reduce humidity making the best choice for new born babies. In this regard they are healthy options as it won't cause any suffocation or dry eyes, skin rashes.

Contrary to the misconception there is no burning of oil is required in oil based room heater. The power is consumed to heat the oil, then the heat is passed to metal walls through convection. Please check our article Oil Filled Room Heater advantages and disadvantages before buying a room heater.

Best oil filled room heaters

  • Bajaj Majesty RH 11F 2900W Room Heater
  • Morphy Richards OFR13F 13Fin Oil Filled Room Heater
  • Crompton Greaves CG-ORH3 Room Heater
  • Usha OFR 3209F Oil Filled Room Heater
Here is the quick comparison of room heaters. Read our article Room Heater types and comparison to know more.

Fan or Ceramic,
Convection Room Heater
Infrared or Radiant,
Quartz Room Heater
Oil Filled
Room Heater
Children safety
Work well in large space
Less price
Energy efficient
Less noise level
Low time to heat
Do not alter oxgen level and humidty
Example Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Room Heater Bajaj Flashy Radiant Heater Havells OFR - 9Fin 2400 Watts PTC Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater

Have children in home? Strictly avoid Infrared heaters

This is one of the important question regarding the safety. Infrared heaters heating element gets very hot, turns into red color and it is extremely dangerous in case we touch. Adults are can take care of safety aspect but it will be very dangerous if you have children in your home as they many not understand sense of seriousness and can cause skin burning and much more worse than that. So always avoid Infrared heaters. Infrared heaters also known as Halogen, Quartz, Infrared room heaters. The good child safe alternatives are oil room heaters or fan heaters.

Room heaters for bachelors or one person

Radiant or Fan heaters do the job. They work just like table lamp or bedside lamp and provide enough warm for one person. We are talking about one person and Infrared heaters are more suitable than Fan heaters. Because Infrared heaters provide enough heat for one person while Fan heaters generate heat for 2 to 3 persons. Due to the Radiance method of heating these infrared heaters generate enough heat surrounding and consume little electricity. Generally infrared heaters consume half of what fan heaters consume. But as we have mentioned just before infrared heaters are not much safe due to hot heating element in that case you can go with fan heater.

Room heaters for large rooms

Definitely infrared heaters are not suitable for large room. They are meant for small room and one person. Fan based room are good choice and oil filled room heaters are best option. Fan heaters are meant for medium room and Oil filled room heaters are really meant for large room. As Oil filled room heaters are costlier and price starts from Rs. 10,000 you can consider to adjust with Fan heaters as well. Read the article on room heater for large room for more information.

Energy efficient Room heaters

Electricity consumption of a room heater depends on its wattage specification. Wattage in simple terms is the amount of power the room heater consume. Infrared heaters consume around 800 to 1200 wattage. The fan heater generally consume 2000 wattage. Few high models of fan heaters consume 1500 wattage. The Oil filled room heaters are best regarding electricity consumption as oil filled room heaters consume 1000 watts at maximum. Apart from that oil filled room heaters work on the basis of heating the oil. Due to the nature of oil once it heated it remains hot for long time they consume very little energy to heat it again. Read more on how to best room heater with less power consumption.

Time to heat

When you came to home from work, feeling cold, catch a blanket. You feel it would be comfortable to get warmed with room heater heat. Here comes the problem? What if your room heater take so much long time to heat the room? Radiant and Fan heaters are good at this, and these room heaters produce instant heat when you need. But the oil filled room heaters take so much time to bootstrap or start as in the first step itself. It needs to heat the Oil first, which takes so much time.

Noise levels

Silence is gold and it will be very nice to have noise free room heater. Noise basically depends on the kind of technology we are using to generate the heat. By definition radiance method of heat generation do not make noise at all. So Radiant and Oil filled room heaters are noise free room heaters. Ceramic heaters makes little noise due to the fan. If the room heater makes loud noise, read more about how to reduce noise of room heater.

Humidity and Oxygen levels

Radiance and Oil filled room heaters burn oxygen to make the room warm. In fan heaters air is pushed on hot coil and makes and comes out as hot air. Somewhat similar case with infrared heaters too. In short, fan heaters and infrared heaters reduces the the oxygen levels and humidity. Less humidity leads to dry eyes and nasal blockage. To overcome this keep a bucket of water in the corner of room. If the problem still continue you can get a humidifier. Apart from that best option is to buy oil based room heater. In Oil heaters only oil is heated and through radiance hot oil temperature is conducted in air, hence there is no burning of oxygen and humidity. This is critical factor if you are purchasing the room heater for new born baby.

Best room heater for Asthma

This is one of the most commonly asked question to Zelect, the short answer is all electrical room heaters are fine. In other countries gas based room heaters are available and fumes come out of gas room heaters are not good for asthma patients. But all the above mentioned room heaters (fan, radiance, oil) are electrical and safe to use. But as general rule of thumb for Asthma patients if you face any problem with any appliance immediately stay away from it.

Aesthetic of room heater

A room heater is an additional piece of furniture in your room. So it should match with the style of the room interior and also with the other furniture. Many fashionable room heaters are available, so one should search a little and find out the heater which would enhance the beauty of the room. Apart from that make sure you have sufficient place where you can keep the room heater like on the table or chair. We guess because of such reasons even few wall mounted room heaters are available in the market like Bajaj Majesty RX 14 Wall Mount Heat Convector Ceramic Room Heater

Safety of room heater

In recent, many accidents occur due to the room heater, so safety has become the utmost concern of people. The surface heat, length of the cord, heaters certification of safety, etc. all are important to consider while buying a room heater. The heater must be at least 3 feet away from the bed, i.e. at least 3 feet cord length. Another good feature is it should shut off automatically if it overheats. Additionally make sure your home has proper earthing to avoid electric shocks. Generally our home sockets are of 5 AMP. But many high watt room heaters are of 15 AMP plugs. Do not try to fit 15 AMP plug in 5 AMP socket by hack. It is best to change the switchboard or buy a converter.

Room heater features

  • Room heater automatic shut off feature provides automatic overheat protection. When the heater temperature reaches a threshold level the heater automatically shut itself.
  • Room heater thermostat offers precise temperature control. Thermostat temperature knob enables you to controls you can choose how warm to keep the room.
  • Room heater timer, lets you set the heater to turn on or off at a predetermined time.
  • Multiple heat settings help you to set the settings like low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature. The settings directly alters the wattage.

Room heater portability

Sometimes, you have to travel somewhere cold and you do not expect to have a heater there. In that case, you have to carry your room heater there. Most of the times, it happens to the business persona. In that case, one should buy a smaller size personal heater which is easily portable. Oil filled room heaters are bit heavy and difficult to move around. Ceramic heaters and infrared heaters are lightweight and portable.

Best room heater brands

A number of the room heaters have earned fame and trust among the customers worldwide. In India, some common companies that provide best room heaters are Bajaj, Usha, Havells, Orpat, Morphy Richard, Crompton Greaves etc. Do read customer reviews making a purchase.

Room heater price

Ceramic heater comes in the range Rs. 1,000 to 2,000. But if you are looking for additional features like thermostat and timers it comes under Rs. 5,000 to 7,000. You can get infrared heaters under Rs. 1,000 to 1,500. Oil filled room heaters are the costliest ones and these room heaters price starts from Rs. 10,000 and ranges to Rs. 15,000.

Where to buy room heater online

You can buy room heaters from off line stores or online stores like Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal. Do read reviews about the products before making a purchase. Read our article Room Heater for yoga, Room Heater side effects to know more.

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