Room Heater side effects
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Room Heater side effects

Room heaters are great to save yourself from the harsh winters. But at the con side there are few issues to consider related to safety and health.

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Room Heater disadvantages -1: Fire accidents

  • Room heaters can cause potential fire accidents. Many accidents are reported due to room heaters. Never leave them unattended.
  • Do not cover the room heater outlet. It will catch instant fire if you do so. Do not put any polyester clothes near to room heater.
  • Avoid any inflammables near to room heaters.
  • Be aware, do not allow children to touch the room heaters. Especially the halogen room heaters surface gets very hot and can be very dangerous to children.
  • Choose room heater with thermostat so that you can stop the heater when it reaches some degree of temperature. Otherwise at least consider timer based room heaters so that they get switch off after some duration.

Room Heater disadvantages -2: Health issues

Room heaters burn oxygen and reduce the humidity in the air. This is the case with fan based convection room heaters and halogen room heaters.
  • Burning of oxygen leads to potential oxygen levels drop and leads to suffocation. You need to open the door little for this.
  • Apart from that these heaters reduce the humidity leading to dry eyes, nasal blockage. Try to use humidifier in the room or at least place bowl of water in the corner of room
  • By using the oil based filter you can save yourself from low oxygen levels and reduced humidity as oil room heaters do not modify these levels.
  • Room Heater makes unwanted noise , It is quite annoying to bare it all night leading to disturbed sleep.

Our suggestion

  • If possible drink so many fluids to save yourself from dehydration
  • Wear good wool clothes so that you can reduce the dependency on the room heater.

It is evident from the above explanation that Oil filled room heater reduce significant fire accidents and protect from oxygen burning and low humidity levels. Indeed, oil based filters come with advanced features like thermostat and timer. Oil filled room heater are child safe but still user monitoring is essential for perfect safety while it operates.

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