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Room Heater for newborn baby

The new baby brings joy and happiness to new parents, at the same time parents wants to take most care of their little ones. Winter season comes with its own challenges, especially for a newborn. Considering cold, running nose, nasal blockage it is very important to protect the children and babies from the harsh season. Yes, you can have plenty of warm liquids, good lotions and good winter clothes. But all these things have their own limitations. Having good room heater can solve all the problems and protect the kids and newborn children. Let's pick the best room heater for the new born babies.

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What are the ideal characteristics of room heaters for the new born babies?

  • Room heater should be child safe. Even children touch it mistakenly it should not hurt them. In short, it should be child safe.

  • Room heater should not burn the oxygen. Because if the room heater burns the oxygen it leads to suffocation. You have to open the door to save yourself from suffocation, but by doing so you make the room cold.

  • It should not reduce the humidity. Less humidity leads to dry eyes and nasal blockage. To overcome this once again you have to use the humidifier.

  • Low electricity consumption. We want to use it all light long for the baby's comfort. So it should consume less electricity and reduce the electricity bill as well.
Luckily we have a room heater fulfilling all above requirements - The Oil filled room heaters.

In India, we have three different types of room heaters
  1. Infrared heaters, also known as quartz or infrared room heaters
  2. Fan heaters, also know as blower or convection room heaters, ceramic room heaters
  3. Oil filled room heaters
Here is the quick comparison of room heaters

Fan or Ceramic,
Convection Room Heater
Infrared or Radiant,
Quartz Room Heater
Oil Filled
Room Heater
Children safety
Work well in large space
Less price
Energy efficient
Less noise level
Low time to heat
Do not alter oxgen level and humidty
Example Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Room Heater Bajaj Flashy Radiant Heater Havells OFR - 9Fin 2400 Watts PTC Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater

Why Infrared heaters are not good for newborn babies?

is halogen room heater safe for baby

Yes, because their surface tends to get very hotter. To get the effective heat, you need to place room heaters to close to your bed. This may lead to accidents. When babies start crawling they look very glittery with their radiant light and babies get attracted to them and touch the room heater.

Why Fan heaters are not good for children?

Fan heaters not good for children or baby

Yes, they are child safe but they burn oxygen and reduce the humidity. The root cause is how it operates. Air is passed through the hot ceramic coil and pushed out by the fan. Fan heaters consume around 2000 watts leads to 3,000 Rs to 4,000 Rs electricity bill.They only con is oil room heater costs around 8,000 Rs to 15,000 Rs based on the number of fins it has. Considering you many use it for all night for at least three years you can get all the return on investment.

Why Oil filled room heaters are best for newborn babies?

Oil filled room heaters are best for newborn babies

They are kid safe as Oil filled room heaters surface won't heat up. The oil is not burned to generate heat, instead, it is used as a heat reservoir. The heat is produced on the basis of conduction heat transfer. Oxygen is not burned to generate heat, hence Oil filled room heaters do not reduce oxygen level and they do not reduce humidity in the air. They consume less electricity as well, making the best choice for the parents.

Make winter beautiful, protect the newborn babies from cold by getting amazing Oil filled room heaters. Please go for our article Oil Filled Room Heater advantages and disadvantages for more information.

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